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You must live in an area of dangerous terrain.  32 kph is just under 20 mph and thats a relatively slow speed.  The brakes are by no means overbuilt, but well-capable of handling that speed under ordinary circumstances.  And many cyclists the world over use bicycles with no suspension at all at speeds far in excess of that number.  Myself I have solid front forks and peak at around 30 mph typically - around 49 km/h.  No suspension dangers so long as I look where I am going.  But the roads are paved here.  If thats not the case and you are trail riding then yes such slow speeds would be more reasonable.

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On 2/12/2017 at 6:42 PM, Medicus said:

Today I changed some settings, on stock controller I can easily go 32 km/h. However I don't recommend doing it. Brakes are too weak and I'd need a front suspension upgrade to safely go above 25 km/h.

thanks for the advise..but anyway I want to manage the control my way...can you tell me how can I access the menu and change their fabric values ?

I have a fold and I'm also european (Spain) but i guess there´s no difference in this.

I tried to without success following the instructions that came with the lcd controller..


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