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Tire Pressure for Fold X

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Our Fold X has arrived, and I was able to assemble it myself tonight.  Not sure if I have enough time to test ride it before my flight tomorrow, but I was able to test it using the throttle with the rear wheel propped off the ground.  Meanwhile, I am not able to find any tire pressure info with my search in this forum.  The side wall says 20 PSI.

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Fat tires require low pressure.  20 psi may seem really low but its in fact rather high for the platform.  Fat tire bikes were designed to operate at really low pressures and you can easily go to 15 and gain some shock absorption with little or no penalty to range (but feel free to experiment).  Believe it or not you can go VERY low with surprisingly good results.


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    • By Eddie Teboul
      Hello everyone I am introducing myself.
      Eddie in New York City near Chinatown, I received my Sondors Fold X two days ago and I am thrilled after riding it for one minute. I rode all day until 3 am and the battery was still showing more than half full. It’s a wonderful bike. My trouble is finding cool tech accessories such as front rack or basket. I really like the holding black system by Brompton allowing to clip all sorts of large baskets or even luggage. I wander if it would be possible to adapt it on the Sondors frame which was a missing two holes in order to make it work. Every other items for bikes are pretty standard and hurt the esthetic of the Sondors. Sondors can you please make such great accessories like Brompton or can you partner with them to adapt their invention to Sondors?
      if anyone knows of cool design and practical systems for carrying stuff as well as maybe a passenger, please let me know, I am browsing amazon for hours of frustration.
      Also, are there some straps that can be used to lift Sondors up the stairs with more ease? And could there be a place where in the frame a tracking device could be placed in discreetly for locating the bike if it’s stolen?
      Special thanks to Marcia at Sondors who sent me the bike exactly on time.
      ps: the package was missing a wheel nut or bolt plastic protector, I’m not sure where to get some.

    • By Leonard Bukowski
      Hello, My Question is : Can I put Hydraulic Disk Brakes on a SONDORS Fold X ?  If I can and if anyone has done this can you help with tips if there’s problems that might be encountered during the install.
      Thank you
    • By Michel McNicoll
      Hello from Canada 
      Did my first time winter riding on snow and it was awsome !
      See picture on my profile.
    • By steve77
      need to know what "03   Info" means on my display i just jot my bike in December and already its giving me some weird code.... what does this mean - and how come you sonders is so lazy as to give out information on the LCD controller for my FOLD X. half of the codes and modes of the LCD are not described anywhere.
      At the moment i'll just settle ok knowing what a flashing " 03 Info" on my display means. Everytime i use the assist throttle on my FOLD X - i get this message and customer support for sonders has been pretty cruddy... can anyone here help as to what might be causing the issue. there is also a slight noise form the motor that i do not recall hearing before (but perhaps its just me).
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      I put together my wife's Fold X and the front fork came apart after I reassembled it.I have a "washer".. left over. ;).
      It is thick..maybe 1/4" or 7mm thick with a thin rubber washer on the inside in the middle.
      It has a "lip" on one side and is flat on the other.
      I need a blow up of the front fork to see where this goes..Us old-timers called it a Parts micro-fiche.
      When I was in the Air Force we called it a Illustrated Parts Breakdown....I don't know what people call them now.
      I have searched on here using all the combinations Of these that I can think of...no go!!!
      Thanks for your advice!!!
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