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Be sure the GPS tracker, you purchase, has at least a 3G-4G radio. All trackers use a cell phone card to work and a lot of the cheap trackers, that will work in China, are 2G which is no longer supported in most of the USA. A typical US 3G tracker will cost at least $50-60 USD and since the radios are larger, will not fit into the gooseneck or seat post. They will, however, fit under the seat, or better yet, inside the battery or control box, a good place to hard wire into the GPS's battery charger.  Most GPS units have a Li-ion backup battery able to keep the tracker functioning for 3-5 days, an important function since most bike thieves do not have a key to turn the bike on.

Aliexpress, Bangood & Amazon have a decent selection of reliable trackers, some with 1-year data (SIM card) plans and/or tracking site service plans. Be prepared to pay at least $5/month for a SIM card and many trackers use a subscription service for the tracker data site, where you connect with your tracker to see the map or tracking info. Some of the tracker sites have a one time, lifetime fee, which is much cheaper than the yearly subscription, typically about $20, vs. $10-15/yr for the yearly fee.

Tracker technology and products are changing fast so it is difficult to recommend a specific product. Just be sure to be aware of all of the "got-ya's" involved with the technology and the required services. At this time there is no GPS technology that does not require a SIM data plan so view installing a GPS tracker as purchasing an insurance policy, rather than a bicycle lock. If you have a high-end bike or an expensive eBike, a tracker is a good bet against the day that the bad guys decide they like your bike more than you do, and decide to take it home.

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