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Ryan Gleim

AWD Sondors Original

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I just recently got my Sondors Original with upgraded 36V battery and LCD.  It's pretty good on flat ground and very slight inclines, but has a tough time on any type of grade and unfortunately there is a grade on the way to and from work.  All this to say, I'm interested in adding a second 350W motor to the front wheel and create an AWD Sondors.

I've been trying to research this for hours online, but I can't seem to find the necessary info and thought maybe someone here could help me.

I want to use my existing upgraded 36V battery to power both motors, have one throttle to power both (50/50),  and one LCD (preferably the one I got with the bike) to control both and provide PAS for both.

Is this even possible?  If so, what do I need to do to make it so?

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You can power both motors with a single battery but It will take two controllers and two throttles. The better upgrades is to sell your existing motor, battery and controller here in our marketplace thread or eBay and switch to the 750watt motor with associated higher voltage 48v or 52v battery & 35 amp controller. You'll have considerably better power/acceleration/torque and a higher top speed with enough power to ride up the highest paved road in Colorango, Mt. Evans. 





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@Ryan Gleim insofar as an AWD is concerned, it can be done but not in the way you currently envision it.  You can follow along in the platform's development via the thread 3D-Vice gave you.  But to synopsize:

  • There is no such thing as a 350w front motor.  I and some other members of the FB group have managed to track down a 500w ebike that uses a 500w front Bafang fat motor, but after extensive searching have found no source for just the motor.  the only front Bafang motor on the market is sold by Luna Cycle, who will sell you a bare motor, or a kit with a controller.  Buy the bare motor and see if they will string it into a wheel for you as well (they say they will on their web site).  You could also buy the full motor kit but this limits some of your options.  Houshmand and I both bought the kits (this was before they started selling the bare motors or stringing wheels).  Houshmand still uses the kit controller.  I went a different way as you can see.
  • There are other motors out there in the world that you can use.  The Bafangs just give us a very approachable platform with components common between the two.  Look at the Luna double torque motor, which is available as a front wheel kit.  Looks good but read user stories of how they got it to work.  Max speed is around 15 mph.  For me thats a dealbreaker.
  • Forget completely about powering two motors with a 36v bottle battery.  Nowhere near enough power.  the BMS cannot deliver the amperage and thats before you get into what that will do to range.  to do this, you MUST upgrade your battery.  You can see in the thread that I used two different 52v batteries.  Houshmand used a 52 and a 48.  And for a time I used a single 52v successfully, with my results posted.  My battery uses Samsung 25R cells (the best on the market for sustained high output) and has an unusually powerful 50 amp BMS and these two things in tandem let the 17.5ah battery successfully handle the job.  My choice for a battery would be Lindsey Nguyen.  Literally right now she is building me a 20ah battery with 25R cells and a 60 amp BMS.  Thats meant for my Cyclone-powered Stumpjumper... but it may sneak its way over to my AWD Sondors.
  • It is entirely possible to split your throttle output to two controllers. Look at the other splitter cables I had made... you would just do one from the same source for a throttle.  I do not recommend this.  Having two throttles is a benefit I would never do without.  Also note my AWD bike also has a PAS splitter to both motors so my need for throttle input is not the only way I get these motors powered.
  • I have used my AWD setup in steep hilly terrain even though it is tailored to high speed flat ground.  Put simply, its an animal in the hills.  So much so I don't think the proponents of mid drives even understand how capable an AWD bike becomes when you split the duty of propulsion like that.

Read that thread.  Digest it, post your follow up there.  I'm sure you will have plenty of questions :-)

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