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Andre Storm

Companion seat for Sondors Thin

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Companion seat for Sondors Thin

Hey Sondors Community,


I am thinking of purchasing a companion seat for my wife for some occansional errands and rides. I know the speed will be decreased, but speed is not the biggest issue as many of the errands I would like to do with it are within 2 miles. Are there any seats (preferably on Amazon Prime) that would fit the thin?

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Are you talking about adding a second seat for her to ride with you?  Better check the eBike laws in your state, that might be illegal. Not sure about an adult riding in a trailer,  you'd pull behind. You might consider the Sondors Tandem eBicycle, coming in the future I'm sure. ))

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Hey Andre, I don't live in California but I think this is the latest legislation and signed into law in 2015. In some states riding passengers is forbidden. 


Stand by and I'll have one of my California based minion get you an answer.



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Andre I believe these folks sell exactly what you are looking for.



There are no laws against riding as a passenger on a bike so long as there is a seat for that passenger.  If you modify your ebike to be a Class III bike, then both riders must each wear a helmet.  A Sondors is a Class II ebike per CA law.  The throttle makes it a Class II.

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