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Please read carefully: Informations regarding delivery of your new Sondors eBike

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Hey folks that are patiently, or impatiently, awaiting a shipping notice or bike, please read this. Based on our experience with this since 2015, here is what you can expect:  PLUS, the Pandemic has a huge affect on deliveries with overcapacity UPS capabilities.  

  1. As containers arrive in LA, UPS take possession and gets them processed through customs. There are hundreds of bikes per container, and probably a dozen containers.
  2.  As each container is opened, UPS will mark them as received and you may get a notice with an expected delivery date (either from UPS or Sondors). This does not necessarily mean that it is on a truck yet or has left the facility
  3. The bikes are shipped by truck, not air. Once it leaves LA you may not get any update for days as the truck works it's way to your regional or local hub where it will be offloaded and scanned again. Not getting an update for a few days is normal.
  4. You will sometimes get a planned delivery notice once it gets to your local UPS. However, sometimes it just shows on your doorstep. Sometimes it shows up on your doorstep when the tracking shows that it's still in LA. It's quite inconsistent, and nobody should panic.
  5. If you get a notice, be patient. It can take more than 2 weeks to get to you depending on how fast they empty the containers and when they find space in a truck, how long the drive is, etc. Signing up for UPS My Choice might give you more info, but sometimes not. Whatever you do, don't start bombarding Sondors with emails about "where is my bike" yet. They have probably opened 1 of a dozen containers so far and are working through things over the next couple of weeks

We all know there's a huge shipment of bikes coming. Thousands of bikes. I can feel the excitement, or maybe it's just me lol. But anyway I can feel the pressure building. We don't mind you posting your delivery notice, but please don't post your tracking number. Just black that part out, and you're good to go. You don't want anyone the be able to reroute your delivery to my house do you? Moderators will delete all posts we see with tracking numbers. If you have ordered or already got your Sondors eBike - please login or register and pin yourself to the member map: https://sondorsforum.com/membermap/

If you have not received your bike yet and still want a test ride or meet Storm Sondors? Check out this Event:


Feel free to post your unpacked or still packed bike in this Gallery Section - We are looking forward to your pictures!



The Sondors Owner Forum is a great place to share information about your Sondors eBike. We have many available resources here, that may have great value for you. Take your time and read everything carefully. I would love to see you as an new member on the Owners Forum! Questions? Feel free to ask!



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Hey @Chemy,The Sondors Forum is not connected to the Sondors Company. Rather a group of highly motivated owner/riders who gather to support other Sondors enthusiasts, exchange ideas and offer help in modifying and maintaining our bikes. To us, Life is just an Unbroken Boulevard of Green Lights. 

Thanks for stopping by.



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Since you didn't post to member map we don't know where you are but it can take from about a week, to 90 days depending on many factors. Where you are, which bike, what options and what color. As Storm tells us, these bikes are custom built for each of us...



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  • 4 weeks later...

I ordered my Sondors X on July 4th and received it on Sept 26th. Sondors email shows delivered and states that the LCD is part of the shipment. I've left a couple of inquiries at their support email but haven't gotten any responses (other then the automated ones).  They have charged me for both the Sondors X and the LCD.

Has anyone talked to an actual Sondors employee about the missing LCD's?

I'd sure like mine!


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I  received my Sondors x on September 27 still waiting for my LCD screen.I will give it a week.I meet UPS drive at end of my driveway with 2 wheeler to get bike I looked in back of his truck my bike was thrown in there with 100s of boxes everywhere,I don’t think he could of found any thing in there.  We must be patient  ??

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Hi all,

I have a pretty long story behind me.

Since June/July this year I was looking to get a red/silver Sondors Thin in Germany (European Collection).

It was never available. On my questions to Sondors I got a nice reply that it would be available during the next weeks, but beginning of November it still wasn't (as for the last 5 months).

So I went ahaed and bought an American Spec Sondors Thin on 4th of November (with different motor as far as I know). I chose Germany as delivery adress (which I was able to chose) and payed the full amount via credit card.

The next day I got a reply asking if I had realized that I was buying an American spec bicycle. I replyed "yes" and I would take over full responsbility for any non-compliance with European regulations. If they couldn't deliver I asked them to cancel the order and refund the money.

That was the last contact I had to Sondors so far. I never got any further reply or information.

Now I am asking myself if I am being fooled and nothing will be delivered eventually.

Does any one have similar exeriences?

Is there any way to finally get in contact with Sondors ? They don't reply to my emails.

I would really like to have the bike, but it doesn't look like I would ever be getting one...




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Hey @erde and welcome to the Sondors Owners Forum .

Your best effort should be to visit the Sondors.com web site during business hours west coast USA. Use the message button to connect to a live Human Being if avalable. Unfortunatly the small staff is far behind answering a huge backlog of emails and they prioritize. 

Personally I ordered my Sondors on Feb 3, 2015 and the first comunication was from UPS, 5 day before it was delivered July 15. It is a waiting game but it's all good in the end. 




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Hi all,


I just did as proposed and met a real human being in the chat.

He told me, there is no way of getting an North America Collection bike over to Europe.

So they will cancel the order, refund the money and I will have to wait for the colour to become available in Europe.





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Hi all,


after having been told by the customer support that money will be refunded, nothing happend.

So I contacted them again on 7th of December. That's what I got told:

Oh, I see. Your order 8872 has already forwarded to the cancellations team. Let me follow up with them and I'll inform them that you reached out to follow up your order cancellation. I'll forward this to them so they can get back to you thru email asap!

As you may all expect: nothing happend either - no message, no bike, no money back. This was now over a month ago...

I am starting to believe, SONDORS is playing games with me.

Is SONDORS experiencing financial problems? Otherwise I can't explain, why they obviously try to keep my money as long as possible.

Does anybody know?

Thank you!


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      Greeting Sondors fans and owners,
      This is a great place to learn about my Sondors Step. Thanks to all for sharing your knowledge and experience. I will try to chip in whenever I feel I have valid information.
      Purchased this bike for physical therapy.
      I am a new Sondors Step owner from upstate New York. My first thought was to get the most powerful ebike I could. Second thought, what if I didn't like it? I had not owned a bicycle in 15 years. Decided to buy a lower cost ebike just to see what it was like, and if ebiking was really for me I could always upgrade. Sondors Step only $975. A great bike at an awesome price. I am short of inseam and have limited ability to climb aboard, so the Steps low stand-over height is literally just what the Dr. ordered. I am very happy with the performance of the Step. I use the factory default settings at this time. So far I have added front and rear lights, a rear rack, left side mirror and a bell. Ordered and received a second battery from Sondors. Batteries are swapped about every 1  1/2 weeks. The battery not in use is stored at about 40% capacity then fully charged just before reinstallation. This bike now has 249.3 miles on it. Weather permitting I try to ride 10 miles minimum each day. Physical therapy is Ok. Fun is number 1.😎
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      Hello everyone, I currently have an Original Sondors Fat Tire bike from 2016 (I believe).  I purchased it from a friend who had performed some upgrades to it.
      As the bike sits today:
      Luna Storm 48v 20ah Battery Controller Model KT36/48ZWSRMD-SLSLD02 Rated for DC 36v or 48v, Rated current 12A Maximum current 25+-1A (Assuming this is from Luna as well) Original Motor Bafang RMG06 36v 350W(10) 26-1-1508195560-6 LCD Luna LCD Dashboard for Sondors KT-LCD3 Took the bike out for a ride the other day after it had been sitting in the garage for about a month and received a motor hall connection error on my LCD screen. Tried the usual unplugging the connection under the chainstay and making sure I had charged the battery. I'm wondering if I am able to replace the cable coming out of my motor (if that is the culprit) or if I need to replace the motor altogether. If that is the case, would anyone recommend I upgrade to a 48v motor? Would it make a difference/ work with my existing upgrades? I'm new to the forum and Ebike scene in general so I appreciate any help. Thanks!
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      SONDORS X arrived on January 7, 2019. 
      Living in Southwest Florida has made it easy for me to ride every other day.  I am recovering from a bone on bone knee with a  damaged  medial collateral ligament. 
      After a full year of daily PEMF treatments and two Prolotherapy injections, my Prolotherapy  doctor recommended that I start exercising using a bicycle to stimulate the natural lubricant within my recovering knee joint. I started exercising with a standard road bike, but  was not able to “Spin” with minimal effort as instructed.  I own a 2010 electric recumbent trike, but is it is next to impossible to get in and out of a bike several inches off the ground.   I recall seeing the SONDORS advertised several years ago and decided on the SONDORS “X”.  I use the thumb switch to move the Fat Tire “X” up to 16+ miles per hour, then put the bike into 7th  gear and move the pedal assist to  Number 3, this allows me to Spin at the optimal level, without causing stress on my knees.  I started with five minutes the first week and I have added five minutes per week, I am now at 20 minutes, and this technique has allowed me to build muscle riding it every other day. I have been able to move the pedal assist down to number 2, my goal is to ride on  Fort  Myers Beach after I have built enough muscle in my legs. My target for the beach is early March!
      My SONDORS X is a very well-built fat tire bike and has been the perfect platform for my recovery!  I don’t see myself going back to my electric trike or the road bike, the sign on my front lawn, “BIKES FOR SALE”
      Thank you SONDORS!
      P.S., Super easy to accessorize 

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