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Silver Thin 7

Reddy Kilowatt

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I wonder f the chain is the same size, strength, durability as the chain on the single speed Sondors thIn.

I have a Sondors thin, single speed and the chain looks thicker than my other chains on my giant Road bike, etc. and it has lasted me without any difficulties.  I've been reading about some chain issues with E bikes and derailleurs.

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Should be no difference but nobody here as currently posted about the New Model's chain, as they are just now being shipped. Chains are Chains are very durable, most chain / derailleurs problems are on mid drive eBike's where the motors energy/force is transmitted thru the drive train...we ain't got that. Your road bike, if more than seven speeds rear cogs, uses a narrower chain, that again is very durable. If Lance LegStrength  can't break them I doubt you'll have any problems. 

Please review: http://sheldonbrown.com/harris/chains.html

Are you considering the Thin 7? We should be hearing comments this week from new owners. 

Time to Ride.....Over and Out......Smoke'm if ya Got'em.



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