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ANSWERED Luna Cycle's "preprogrammed" LCD and upgraded 20 amp controller combo

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Luna Cycle's "preprogrammed" LCD and upgraded 20 amp controller combo

Does anyone know if the Luna Cycle LCD and 20 amp controller combo is really a different LCD than an original (kickstarter) LCD?  Can I just buy the controller and reprogram my existing display or do I really need to buy their display too?



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I'm cleaning this up here.

There are two versions of the LCD:

  1. Aftermarket unbranded LCD - called: KT-LCD3 / Wendy LCD / Aftermarket LCD Display
  2. Branded LCD (looking the same like the aftermarket unbranded LCD but WITH Sondors logo on it see picture here: show picture)

Please note, sondors sold to every version of the bike a lcd. they are not marked but different!

Long story short: 

  • The first eBike from Sondors (distributed via the first Indiegogo campaign) is compatible with the KT-LCD3 Aftermarket LCD and the at that time distributed LCD from Sondors
  • All other eBikes from Sondors (distributed via Kickstarter / gosondors.com / sondors.com) ARE NOT compatible with the aftermarket unbranded LCD. Only with in that time distributed LCD Display (branded with Sondors Logo) from SOONDORS.


Please note: YOU CANNOT tell the difference between the branded Sondors LCD distributed with Sondors eBikes sold over Kickstarter and Sondors eBikes sold over sondors.com - They look exactly the same but are not going to work on each other bike. (Kickstarter 'branded' Sondors LCD will not work with an bike from sondors.com due to different communication protocols)

This is due to a change in the communication protocol. Sondors did that to stop aftermarket sales (which were cheaper than the Sondors LCD itself (around 50$ I think).


So if you have an Sondors eBike sold after the first campaign. You will need to buy Controller and the aftermarket unbranded LCD (both 100$ - will ship faster to your housedoor...) or you buy the corresponding Sondors branded LCD. (100$)


If you have any questions, please ask ask ask. There are no dumb questions. We are here to help. 


Thanks and have a great day,


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Hello,  will the "Wendy" LCD work on a Thin even though the description of velomobile says "This LCD is a direct fit to the Sondors fat ebike"?

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Hi @Kai Oltmanns,

no it will not. You also need to buy a new controller from velomobile. But make sure the controller is really for the thin ebike as the battery is connected with a special plug. 

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With that 20 amp Luna controller you already have, you could up your voltage to 48 or 52v and still get a big boost in range.  Look around and you will see pretty much nobody sticks to 36v when they upgrade their batteries to any serious degree.  In Luna's advertising page for the 20a controller they point out that 20a is the sweet spot for motor longevity, giving the motor about 1000 watts of final output which it is well able to handle (a 25a controller goes beyond that sweet spot but thats another story).

These are probably the most-purchased batteries in the Sondors world:  https://a3ee3610-0553-11e5-8794-f04da2069d31.onlinestore.godaddy.com/t/parts

These cost more but the BMS is a 50a/80a, plus they tend to have better cells depending on which you buy.  Pickings are pretty thin right now.  https://lunacycle.com/18650-ebike-battery-pack/

I personally purchased the Luna Storm battery in 17.5ah with 25R cells, which gives me less added capacity but double the peak output of any other cell.  The BMS and the cell output turned out to be essential rather than overkill with my latest experiment running both motors on my 2x750 AWD from the same battery.  Lindsey @ electrobikeworld will build you a custom battery to spec with size, shape, BMS and cells of your choice.  She's going to build one for me on my in-progress Cyclone build.


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3 hours ago, Reddy Kilowatt said:

Ahhh, so your ultimate goal is to circle the planet......add some water bottles )).



lol, if weather permits, lol


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