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Throttle Assembly?

Where can i buy a new thumb throttle assembly for my Sondors Fatty? The LED lights have never worked on mine since I bought my bike about month ago. Sondors doesn't sell them on their site.

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Jim if you choke on that price, try one of these:


I use the 'minimal thumb throttle'.  That is Kyle Chittock's site and his supplier is Wendy Xie at Passion EBike.  If you are willing to wait a few weeks, you can order directly from her on AliExpress for several bucks less.  I have bought from both of them.  

If you use one of these, they have no on/off switch so you just use on/off via the LCD.  Strictly speaking this leaves the controller 'live' which over time supposedly will run down the battery.  However I haven't detected any drain over a span of a couple of days (since I ride so frequently I have a hard time testing thoroughly).   If you let the bike sit for an extended period you might want to put in an actual on/off switch, or hold your nose and buy the Sondors switched throttle.


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I got one of the "minimal thumb throttles" to replace the broken one on my Fold X. Surprise, it has a 6 pin male for the Sondors 3 pin female. So where do I get a throttle replacement for the Sondors Fold X??  Jim in Md

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This might help:

”This is good information, but let me complete the picture. The green wire controls the throttle lights. The yellow and blue are switched power for the 6 pin throttle. If you want to keep the three pin throttle that comes with 7 speed bikes but attach it to an aftermarket controller, you cut off the connectors and do the following:

1) Attach the blue and yellow wires from the controller to each other. This means the throttle is "always on" and doesn't require the switch that doesn't exist with the 3 pin throttle

2) Attach the white, black and red wires from the controller cable to the same color wires on the 3 pin throttle. They color match.

 3) Tape off the green wire because there are no lights on the three pin throttles that Sondors uses”

 Hope that helps 

From Mike Ritchie.



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Which One? 

This one is Sondors friendly in all voltages. Always contact the supplier for definitive answers about your concerns before ordering anything online and the Forum suggests owners trade with our known reliable partners. 





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I worked on my Thumb Throttle last night.

Standard thumb throttles located to the left of the brake lever assembly, make for a long reach. Thumb throttles located between the grip shifter and the brake lever assembly move the brake lever to far left, two finger grab? I came up with a down and dirty solution.

1828065063_ThrottleExtensionRevA07_21.19-0.thumb.jpg.137713a0643f34284992242be43be540.jpg  1651157516_ThrottleExtensionRevA07_21.19-8.jpg.e86a99eeb0f3dd77b5ccafb598f79487.jpg 

The 3D printed Extension is affixed with dab silicone sealant inside the extension, then pressed into place and allowed to set. 

1675014305_ThrottleExtensionRevA07_21.19-5.jpg.00d15e4d4deea91b07cfe91484f934a6.jpg 161985190_ThrottleExtensionRevA07_21.19-9.thumb.jpg.769ac37eb5133ca628ad45fd68201756.jpg



1440601395_ThrottleExtensionRev_C07_24.19-a-AddedThumbDepression.thumb.jpg.5f10a6d8f8ff4cef225f4156799460ef.jpg  1913903945_ThrottleExtensionRev_C07_24.19-a-3DThumbDepressionRendering.thumb.jpg.e0011ff7e4d19167ba31f5122e24eea2.jpg  825747215_ThrottleExtensionRev_C07_24.19-a-AddedThumbDepression-Black.thumb.jpg.821669b7ff228f839a6651e5b8fe28f2.jpg  846671496_ThrottleExtensionRev_C07_24.19-a-AddedThumbDepression-Red.thumb.jpg.8287765c3726d274de2d99636fb3d2c9.jpg

I am adding these 3D Part Renderings, along with a Screen Shot of the SLA 3D print generator. These renderings also shows a "Thumb Depression", that was added to the part (shown on the top-left side of the part).

I always start with a relatively clear 3D printed parts to check for fit/interference before the final part. It was important to see how the four small clips/ramps interfaced with the underside of the Thumb Throttle.

If you have access to 2017 SolidWorks and a 3D printer, send me your email address, and I will send you the part and SLA file. You may need to modify the part to fit the Thumb Throttle on your SONDORS bike.

Edited by Albert Werth
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