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Hi Houshman

I have this setup with 52V battery 750 Watts Bafang and 35A controller.

Do you use the same settings on your setup with 60V battery ?

P1 = 100 

P2 = 5

P3 = 1 

P4 = 0 

P5 = 22


C1 = 02 

C2 = 0 

C3 = 8 

C4 = 3 

C5 = 6 

C6 = 3 

C7 = 1

C8 = 1

C9 = 0 

C10 = n 

C11 = 0 

C12 = 4 

C13 = 0 

C14 = 1




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On my 7 Speed EBL, as I originally assembled the conversion, with the HUGE, Vee Tire Co, Mission Command II  tires with lg sidewall lugs. I couldn’t shift into the largest cog/lowest gear, because of chainsuck. The chain contacted the sidewall lugs and I had to add a 3mm spacer behind the Freewheel  (I think I used an English thread Bottom Bracket lock ring) to move the cluster outboard. I then had to trim the edge of the right side dropout, a tiny bit,  for chain pin clearance for the smallest cog / highest gear engagement, if that’s the issue you’re having.

 I use a Shimano, 7 speed Tourney (Short Cage And  don’t understand why Sondors uses the Long Cage except theY allow less precise alignment)  Derailleur and 7 speed M310 lever shifter and dislike the gripshifters. I have one on one,  of my conventional  fatbikes and on an Camping Hybrid and don’t like them but not enough to spend moola to switch, just a personal choice but the Shimano rapid shifters are quick and precise. The lever shifters are so intuitive to shift rapid multiple shift changes, up or down, with an index finger or thumb. 



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 I’d never reach topspeed with the 40 x 11., using PAS. On my EBL I’m using a 56 x 13 - 28 (now 11 -28) and can only maintain top speed of 33mph for about 10 to 20 seconds with my legs spinning like Lance Legstrong with my shoes on fire. I usually ride in the 21 to 26 mph range for top speeds, on my routes along a Trailway.... and it’s pretty flat here but I dance on the PAS setting and Shift levers to stay in that range when encountering hills. Of course there are two nice down hills, on my out and return legs,  and I’ll air it out..... 

I’m building my Electric White Lightning, on my Sondors Lightweight Narrow Custom, that is no longer available from Sondors, on the 60V platform (currently 52V, 25amp controller with the stock single speed and 350w Bafang) and I  have a couple of 11 - 28 Epoche Freewheels (not the Quality of the Shimano) in reserve along with the 750Watt Bafang.  Considering, trying a 58T, but I haven’t purchased it yet and i’m afraid that to get in on without contacting the RT chainstay that I’ll never get a chainline to be able to use all 7 gears.  But it’s kinda been a slow conversion process, I have so much goin’ on.  This lightweight Narrow already goes 32.9 mph, Throttle,  on the stock 350Watt Bafang.


My EBL has 12,734.8mi.

Headed into town for lunch in a few minutes to get my miles.




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Hello Houshmand! I have pretty much the same Sondors bike- did all the same upgrades, although I do not get the speed you describe. 30 mph is about the top speed I can reach. I've gone into the LCD and raised the maximum speed setting to 75 mph (or some unreachable speed), but it doesnt change anything. I'm seeing 1400 watts, and it really doesn't go above that. I'm fairly happy with the speed, although I'd still like, and expected a little more. Any suggestions on tweaking anything that might help would be appeciated. My concern at the moment though, is a loud, raspy, scraping sound that sounds like it's coming from the motor.I thought at first that the chain was rubbing on something, but that isn't the case.  It begins from the start of a ride until about 25 mph, then it quiets. The sound only occurs with either PA or throttle, and it only occurs when I'm actually riding- when I throttle on a bike stand, there is no noise! The noise, when riding, isn't intermittent. It happens everytime. The bike performance hasn't changed; it still rides the same. Just wondered, since you have basically the same bike, if this ever happened to you with your bike. Thank you.



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  • 10 months later...

Thank you both Houshmand and Reddy for the great info, experience, and keeping this forum going for us non-FB users. I'm an original Sondors steel frame owner (2 bikes) with over 3000 miles use on the 36 volt system. Upgraded one of the bikes to the 52v battery from electrobikeworld but the 350 watt motor is getting noisy under load or really bad if I apply throttle. I thought it was the nylon gears and replaced them but the noise keeps getting worse. The string that's tied around the circuit board melted but doesn't appear to be the issue for the loud noise under load either. So I ordered the 750w motor, and 35w controller and am awaiting them now. Question for you guys is whether I will need any special tools besides the torx bit and should I use the gear set she supplies with the motor or is now the time to upgrade to something else? The derailleur, chain, and gear set from the dual motor (awesome bike) seem to be dead links. Can all those parts still be purchased new? I noticed your pictures were inside a bike shop and would be happy to purchase through you as all the information provided has been great to read about and a valuable asset for us older guys who aren't current on all the knowledge as you trendsetters are? I should probably upgrade to those Avid BB7 brakes too if they're better than the stock Sondors (not interested in going hydraulic and prefer the KISS theory at my level of biking). What's your feeling about the BB7's vs. the stock brakes? Wish they made a simple 6 inch rise handlebar upgrade with a same diameter crossbar support to mount all the accessory gear. Looked all over ebay and amazon but couldn't find one. Is there a supplier you know that has such a beast? Been a great pair of bikes though and if this upgrade goes well I might go deeper like you guys have. I see there is now a 1000w Bafang hub motor so it will be interesting to see what others build with it now that I've read some of the 750's have burned out. I'm hoping to eventually do a dual but using a direct style motor for the front that would be used after getting up to speed in hopes of extending range off a single battery charge. I've read that they're more efficient and durable, do you agree? First things first and it begins with this 750w upgrade. Really appreciate your advice! Thanks guys

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FB is just a data collection platform for advertisers & the NSA.  Review the Spy Factory.   https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/military/spy-factory.html
The 750  watt motors come in either cassette or freewheel versions  (I have both & 13 bikes). EBW’s 14-28 is pretty close ratio with limited top end performance with that14T, but choice will depend on your mission; hills, flat, or your speed range requirement. My preference on my Electric Black Lightening, my eMoto GP’s preference  is a 11- 32, mega range cassette, if you can find one. 
‘I’ve switched to an 11-28T, so I can use a short cage derailleur. 

969CCB02-8E14-4338-9CA2-924C364D3EDE.thumb.jpeg.83cffcffee11835d27078d42c8821acb.jpegI use a 52V Battery & 25 Amp hot rod controller, retaining the 350Motor, on my Alum Sondors 3 Generation, Suspension, single speed, "Custom Narrow". That model, probably the best offering in the fat tire genre, because it came with narrower rims and 26 X 4.0" tires.  Because it’s geared for top end with its 58 tooth chainring, it’s a real leg strength builder off the line, but loves high speed.  It’s my light weight "Electric White Lightening".
The 750 Watt motor will just install in your existing 350 watt hub & wheel, presto changeo.  If your existing 350 watt makes a scraping noise, while manually turning the rear wheel in either direction, might indicate a loose permanent magnet, otherwise, I’d suspect bearings. I buy a new 750 Watt motor from China on November 11 every year, on ”Singles Day" holiday sale, honoring people without children there. Every year the price increases a few dollars but last one was, $170.00 + tax,  free shipping DHL.
Unfortunately, my ride partner and shop owner, "Bike Shop Ben", retired and closed his shop after 35 years. Our group of Shop Family Members, just met for a lunch get together last week. PanDammit Pandemic has limited our Gang Meetings.
I do this service, to our greater Sondors Community, and can’t sell or make money or accept gifts because I’d loose my amateur  status and wouldn’t be able to compete in the TwiddlyWink competition the Olympics.
The AWD Sondors, on this forum, are death traps and neither one now exists. One broke at the head tube, from the frame, because our bikes front ends, are not engineered for the stress of a front motor nor the rider exuberance of some experimenters. They are hard to control and only afford an increase in torque and acceleration. No top speed increase because dual motors have the same max RPM per motor as single motored bikes, at the same voltage. They are HEAVY and there is a lot of extra weight that inhibits handling, ie:  two of every electrical component.  
I can’t make a judgment on any other cable disc brake systems. I found the Tektro’s adequate for stock Sondors, even carrying 50# bags of dog food, on my modified rear rack (carries an extra 52V battery underneath), occasionally.   Any hydraulic brake upgrade is warranted because of hydraulic’s stopping performance and feel sensitivity over cable. Personally I prefer the Magura MT-5e. 
I can’t make recommendations on individual bars or seat posts, other that review Aliexpress (almost all bicycle components are manufactured in China or Taiwan) to find what you want, even if you then shop that item here. Down side is delivery time can exceede a month,  I’ve not heard of a single 750 burning out but those were probably abuse; hills, excessive weight or pulling a trailer.           
Extended Range? Best just invest in a spare carry along battery for those trips that require more amp hours. 


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Thanks Reddy, love your bikes, creativity, and humor too. I try to stay with the vendors recommended on this forum vs. saving a few bucks on Aliexpress.  The 750w from electrobikeworld is a cassette version 14-28T. Speed isn't very important since 30mph feels like the "safe point" for me on these bikes. On a recent trip to Letchworth Park in upstate NY the 350w motor got noisy on some of the steeper paved road hills and I ended up having to walk the bike up part way. Most of my rides are nice bike trails but I love exploring and there's so many being built around the country with the rails and trails initiative. Places up in the Adirondack mountains that are former railway beds and dirt road combo offer some unique scenery away from the masses and weekend campers. I carry extra "fold up" tires and tubes in case of emergency since there's a chance of being 15-20 miles away from my vehicle. Had a non-patchable blowout once that forced me to walk the bike a mile holding the front up so no rim damage would occur. That was enough warning to invest in some preventative emergency items. But these bikes are great and I've certainly gotten my money's worth of riding from the $499 plus $200 shipping on each of the bikes bought during the initial campaign. Back then it was a big risk and many laughed at me for trusting Storm Sondors with $1400. But my gut told me he was playing this straight and look where we are today. What was funny is I sketched the e-bike I wanted to build from scratch and it was near exact to the one I own today from Sondors. It was a no-brainer to invest in his bike since we were thinking the same way. So many great bikes over these years since 2015 and I'm very happy to have the old steel model. Sadly the parts aspect for each bike iteration is the weakness of this empire since many parts can't be found anymore. To bad too since I've had some ideas that would expand the Sondors footprint into more diverse areas and create some products that may have better profit margins. There's so much potential with this industry! Anyway, thank you for that awesome fast reply Reddy, you're an ace to all on here. Tomorrow I should get the new motor and will probably want to hit the road before even buying the derailleur setup. I'll just run it on whatever gear it lines up with at first until I figure out the rest.  Really appreciate the 2WD feedback, it seemed like an interesting idea. Hopefully nobody got hurt seriously with their trendsetting adventure. Another reason I'm plenty fine with a 30mph max speed. Ride safe my friend and know you're greatly appreciated by this Sondors supporter.

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