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Sondors Red 60V 750Watts 7 Speeds

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Sondors Red 60V 750Watts 7 Speeds

The  Sondors Red  fat bike 60V 17.5ah battery, 35a controller, 750Watts motor, 7 speeds bike  is now built and let's just say this is one fast bike.

I ended up using the stock wheels, I may still upgrade the wheels at a later date. I may also add a suspension fork as well.

Thank you Lindsey Nguyen for the 60V battery bundle and a few bonus parts.

60 V 17.5 ah battery
750 Watts  Bafang
7 Speeds 11-32
740mm handlebar

Other upgrades:, Seat, Seat post suspension, 53T crank and an upgraded throttle (no lights or power button)

Speed Test 60V 750Watts 35a Red Sondors 

This weekend, I attempted 5 speed tests on a flat stretch of Lowry Blvd here in Denver.  This is a straight shot flat road that if the flow of traffic is timed right,  allows for a decent speed test. This is where I have tested all my Sondors from the original stock 350 with 8.8a battery to the dual 750 watts AWD bike and now the Red Sondors with Lindsey Nguyen's 60V drive train bundle.  

I used Strava  and the LCD to capture the ride statistics. The Strava results of the 5 speed tests are:

41.6 mph
40.3 mph
39.6 mph
38.3 mph
38.0 mph

The highest LCD captured speed is 38.1 mph.  I am not sure which is more accurate the LCD or the Strava's GPS results.

All these were with LCD C5 @10 and C14@3. These numbers were captured with full Throttle and pedaling at PAS5.  With Throttle only, the bike reached 38mpg under these settings.  Please keep in mind my red bike has 52T crank to go with 11-31 rear gears. 

Under similar setting, my AWD dual 750Watts motor with dual 48V batteries has a top speed of 34 mph.

This bike has an amazing. Equally impressive are the interim speeds at the 5 PAS levels while on the highest LCD setting:

PAS1   19 mph
PAS2   24 mph
PAS3   29 mph
PAS4   34 mph
PAS5   38 mph,  at this level I am seeing 1650 watts on the LCD.

Doing 31 mph is really easy with this set up. Keep in mind that This bike is set up with a 53T crank and 11-32 gears in the back. 

I am officially calling this a 38mph test result even though I have seen 40+ mph performance. I will try again with a fully charged battery and on fresh legs. I am sure someone younger and lighter can easily exceed 40mph.  

Overall I am very pleased with these numbers. Even under a tame LCD setting (c5@4 and C14@1) the bikes easily reaches 32 mph and I can pedal comfortably at 28 mph.

I will do a battery range test later.  I anticipate 50 miles range on a more tame setting. 

Thank you @Lindsey Nguyen for this amazing bundle.  This is one fast bike.
















































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*Very* impressive, Houshmand!  You've broken new ground again on this platform.

These Sondors frames have taken everything we have collectively thrown at them.  I wonder at what point we're going to hit a wall on that score.  Many of us have replaced wheels and motors and whatnot... but that steel frame is really the core component for us all.  I wonder when we're going to find its limits?

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The issue is your gear ratio. Larger front crank will increase your spin out speed. That's the speed that you can longer pedal fast enough and your pedaling becomes effortless. Upgrading your front crank to something like 48T, 50T, 52T or 53T will increase your top speed but will make it harder to start from a dead stop. That's why you need to use the rear gears. 

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But... higher rear gears (smaller wheels) will have the same effect as a bigger front wheel.  Actually the effect is magnified in the back.  one tooth smaller on a little 3-inch wide wheel is a hell of a lot bigger relative change in diameter than 1 tooth on a much bigger front chainwheel.

The practical application on a Sondors' is where our single speed freewheels have an effective reliable minimum size of 16 teeth (I had a 14T that self-destructed at the 12-mile mark and haven't tried another from that mfr since... and there's only one Chinese factory that makes them from what I can see).  The Shimano 7-speed freewheel clusters a lot of people are putting on have as their smallest wheel an 11-tooth mini-monster.  Going from a 16 to an 11 in back is one whopping big gear.

Not the most intuitive thing... smaller freewheel cogs (wheels) mean big gears but thats the case.  Back in the day when I was riding road race bikes, I was considered an extremist running a 6-speed straight block (only one tooth different between each cog) with the smallest cog being a 12.  Nowadays... well they go to 11.

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Added Luna Cycle's Luna Lander suspension shock.  It smooths out the ride while adding a few inches to handlebar height. It's great for paved street or path rides and moderate mountain bike trails.  The fat bike with 4.9 tires is just too big to be effective on technical trails. It's a great upgrade especially if you also include a suspension seat post.










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Technically you can make this package work with a single speed but o don’t recommend it.   The 60V battery requires a 35a controller which requires a 750watts motor.  The 750 watts motor can be set up with a single speed rear gear but that will defeat the purpose of this upgrade.  You really need to consider the 7 speeds and the front crank upgrade  since you will be spinning out on 40T front crank and 16T rear freewheel. 

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      Sondors Dual Drive 2 x 750 Bafang motors, dual controllers and batteries.
      performance stats
      Front throttle only
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      Rear throttle only
      0-20 mph-      10 sec
      Top speed-      30 mph
      Dual drive throttle only
      0-20 mph-       8 sec
      Top speed-      33.8 mph
      The Bafang controller for the front motor is not as strong as the Luna 25a KT controller.  It has a slow start and gradually build ups to the top speed.  I have not found the set up instructions for the Bafang display to unlock its potential.  Once I receive Wendy Xie 35a controller for the rear motor, I intend to use the Luna 25a controller to power the front motor.

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