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Just Ordered Fold X, LCD Screen question?

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Just Ordered Fold X, LCD Screen question?

I am Gary from Lagrange Ga. I just ordered a Fold X for myself and one for my wife, both with the 7 speed option. The info on the site shows the LCD screen and states 5 gears and 5 levels of assist.  Referring to the LCD screen it states "this option supplies Fold “X” with five gears and five levels of electric pedal assist plus added torque for increased hill-climbing power, even greater range, and improved towing capacity."  I understand the levels of assist but what would the 5 gears be that would be controlled from the LCD display? Does the LCD screen show miles or speed on the original bikes?

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Hello @Brandnew / Gary, and welcome to the Sondors Owners Forum, enjoy your stay while you review all the information on the site. The levels/gears they are referring to, in that instance, are levels of Pedal Assist, not really gears. Some of the nomenclature used on the Sondors Site was placed there by spider monkeys.

The LCD will show speed, average speed, maximum speed, distance, trip distance in either Kilometers  or Miles, your choice. You can also control the Torque and wattage sent to the motor from every PAS level. Familiarize yourself with the setting and functions here:



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