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Finally got and installed my LunaCycle.com fenders... survived a nice icy slip/fall & then a 25 ft slide together this morning on black icy wet roads on the way to work... above freezing this afternoon on the way home, wet roads... shielded me good from the massive 4.9 inch tire water I was eating prior to these... think they really make the bike look even more far out... a very nice price, go check em out... takes awhile for them to get it to you... so just figure this is like buying the bike... order now because you want them and it's a great price... it eventually gets there to you... had to do some very minor mcgyver modifications to get them to fit but otherwise they are perfect... so far the snow hasn't been an issue getting clogged or trapped in the fender canal because you figure unlike a traditional tire bike, the tread knobs on the tire are far enough apart that there really isn't any catchment possibility... I've had to abort metal rain fenders on my previous trational bike I was using because it was an issue.

Lets talk tires... they are a very nice size... I am really digging how huge they are... gives really good width stability  to really help with the car tire ruts in the road that make it a slippery slope and trough scenerio... have followed online fat tire pros advice and deflated the tires to where it gives me more grip and bounce/float to make absorbing the different angles and slopes very tolerable.  Snow traction no problem on stock tires... I pray to the sondors gods that I always ride in snow... because when it's frozen ice that's when you are just spending more time trying to be safe and even then still just falling over... My mantra when I ride, especially in the winter is to only go as fast as I want to fall.

So yes... definitely going to go the studded tire route, for sure.... I'm just trying to prolong it as long as I can to where I don't have to do it this winter... they are $146 each on amazon delivered for the cheapest I have found, and $250 each plus shipping for the best which is 45 north 4.8 studs but turns out the tire width is only like 4.3 inch.  The benefit of the expensive one is that they keep the middle strip stud free to prevent the friction studs create, thereby making it the fastest studded fat tire that is the most preferred but oh so expensive... they also are concave studs, meaning that it's like a round hole instead of just a spiked dull tip... this has been reported as a very stable stud for which they focus on the outside knobs to give lateral stability when turning and off center posture.

I've also looked into doing your own studs and it's pretty much a dollar a stud... and if you look at the stock sondors tires knobs you get to see how expensive that becomes... not to mention that I don't believe the rubber knobs would be suitable enough to host the screw in stud... and yes, it takes awhile to do it, and to do it right you need take it off the rim and then make sure to put some tape lining on the inside in case they accidently break through to protect the tube.

The cheaper studded tires on Amazon by Vee Rubber have the Sondors width that I like, plenty of studs in a tighter sondors stock style of knob tread and everyone reports they work great, you just want to make sure to drive on snow, mud, or sand because on flat clear surfaces it not only dulls and wears down your studs of course, it slows you down considerably, traditional fat tire bikers making it a point to say it is a lot more effort to pedal with these tires in those circumstances.

i would love some feedback from anyone with what they are using for studs on their sondors or hear what anyone else has found out in their quest for ice stability on two wheels.


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What front rack is that?  Got a link?

BTW its AWESOME to see that bike getting put to work in that environment.

You might want to check out a down tube fender to go along with your others.  Provides direct shielding for crud coming up off the ground and straight into the battery box.  I use a Mucky Nutz Fat Body fender.  You could silicone seal the battery box up.  I decided to leave it wide open (I removed the stock battery mount when I upgraded) for ventilation.  The fat body fender provides a block for direct airflow as well as buckets of water, and it has kept the battery box from being a dust bin since otherwise I have an open air channel.

One thing that worked great but is not necessarily elegant:  I used layered gorilla tape to extend my rear fender edges both top and bottom. and it has kept water completely off of me and my PAS sensor.  May not be needed with your fenders.

Our motor plug is supposed to be waterproof, but still I have covered it with saran wrap and small zip ties.  Glopping on some liquid tape might be a more durable yet reversible solution.  

Just some thoughts. 


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4 hours ago, MattRobertson said:

@LosKevanos how did you mount the front rack?  Can you show some pics without the bags on it?  

I'm toying with doing one myself but was looking at a Blackburn Local Deluxe and some fabbed-up mounting to the fork center, or maybe some big P clamps to the fork stays.


Today was "BBQ size (5 gallon) Propane Tank Trial Day".

Up until day I have been hauling the smaller 1 gallon propane tanks in my Iberia pannier bags at the rate of 5-7 tanks a week.

With zip ties to connect a square milk crate to the front Ibera cargo rack and some zip ties to secure the side of the crate to the handle bars I was able to not only haul the full BBQ size tank back home but 3 gallons of gas in one pannier and a 12 pack of beer & box of wine in the other on the rear rack... Very most excellent, I'm super pleased.

The front cargo rack I used the extenders that came with it to secure to each side of the fork... Before the fenders came I was using the included spacers, but the fender attachment was enough to provide the flush mount and spacing.  The top is connected by zip ties... I have a ribbon wrapped around the metal portion that makes contact with the Sondors "S" emblem to make the swivel contact more smooth and to cut down grinding... Also a jury rig back up in case the zip ties break, can tie it enough to get home or to the store.  The cargo rack side tubes simply just slides onto the fork extensions and rests perfectly by gravity and of course weight.  It has been solid with very little wobble for steering correction and has survived multiple icy road falls.

I don't know much about other racks but I wanted the ibera pakrak system for front and back and it has worked beautifully for my needs.





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I’m glad to hear from Real  Alaskan Owners (those  rugged individuals, up there in the frozen trundra)  who love their Sondors and have conquered their environmental challenges and not only ride but commute to ”Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfasts" (those actually living in Alaska know the reference). They appreciate that the Sondors Platform is designed by eBike engineers to accommodate the median prospective buyer and that one of the best attributes of the Sondors offering; is that it’s so easily customized to individual needs and desires.  This forum is dedicated to those individuals. The World is full of disgruntled, complaining individuals who think that they are entitled and everything should be offered to only accommodate their own short sided views.   But a through review of this forum will reveal the vast individual personalization of the basic Sondors offerings, into many, many, wonderful transformations and it’s very rare that there are Owners who bitch about their purchase and those who do and violate the user agreement that clearly states that this is not a complaint  symposium and any complaints should be directed to Sondors.com.  Those who persist,  are banned from this site and accosted with a "Lead Filled Snowshoe".  We only support constructive engagements. 

I Miss Frank ... https://open.spotify.com/track/4PPwkLq2ld1k09Bl5NkyZB?si=r93ZuHO7Tme6w8OoeirlNw


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