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Thanks for the useful tips!

Can you show a picture or link to a product for #5... I'm not exactly sure what you mean by a bracket over the weak point of the rear hub.

Also please link to the Facebook groups you mention.

I expect my bike to ship soon but planning ahead of time with tools and accessories as much as possible!

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yup.  Unlike in the install video, my cable goes up and over rather than down and under the bracket.  Your guess is as good as mine on which is better.  I was thinking over in case of something coming up off the ground.  I have already had to go over branches brought down in a storm that I couldn't get by in traffic.

Would be really interested to see if we have other options.

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      Hi everyone!
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      I am waiting for a Sondor X in September, and the anxiety is starting to build...when will it arrive? When will I receive tracking info? Anyone else got theirs in Europe yet? Where can I find real pictures of the X? Will it be too heavy? Too slow? Can I modify the 250W motor and get more juice & speed out of it? Will the luna cycle controller and display work with the new battery? No one knows. Or do they? 😱
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      Another area I got to explore was handling. Since I haven't had time yet to install a proper headlight, I'm riding in the dark. I'm doing high speed testing in the dark. Don't try this at home kids, I'm a professional lol. I rode down some well known bumpy streets. Usually in the daytime I have to keep my eyes pealed for cracks and potholes, but in the dark I found all of them. What I noticed was that at pretty high speed, 20 mph and up, the ride was a lot smoother than I expected, especially when hitting bumps. At the same time I didn't feel like the bike was as bouncy as my fatty was with stock tires. It's running 20 psi.
      Range is looking really good. I'm ready to say 30 miles will be easy, and 40 miles with a little more effort. With a lot more effort than I care to do 50 miles. I think the new Panasonic 14ah 48v battery is very high quality, and I'm like the faster charging.
      So the bottom like is the ride is pretty smooth. As far as street riding goes, I'm not too impressed with the stock simi knobbies. They're really noisy at speed like the fatty tires. My Hook Worms are silent. I think some new street tires we be in the Folds future.
      Also have some other changes planned, but keeping them under my hat for now.
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      battery ah advice
      if i had a custom battery thats 36v 26ah, with pedal assit at 1 or 2, does it sound right that i should be able to get at least 180-300 ride time????
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      So my question is, are there any other Fold owners in Salt Lake City who might let us charge her battery for a couple of hours this weekend?
      Thanks in advance for any consideration.
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