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Wendy LCD Battery Indicator - Actual or Predictive?

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Question about the Wendy LCD: It is working fine with my stock controller, but I am confused about the battery indicator. Is it showing a prediction or actual drain? I ask because during my ride today, the indicator would fluctuate between half and three-quarter charged. When I would have it at PAS 3, it would show one-half and when I put it at PAS 2 or 1, it would go back to three-quarters. Any ideas?

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Here's the answer I got from the tech support at Velomobileshop:



It’s a good estimate, but it can fluctuate a little bit.  If you want exact details, you can see it in the LCD manual here:  https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0912/7284/files/kt-lcd3.pdf?14833530163621675861


The P5 setting is how it monitors battery voltage.  If set to 0, it simply tracks the real time voltage, so it would fluctuate often with power on or off depending on the voltage drop of the battery.  If you’ve run through the settings then you probably have it in “smart mode” where it makes its best attempt to calculate the battery life.  There are devices that are more precise, such as a cycle analyst.  They can measure exactly how many watt hours used from the battery for a very precise reading.


Thank you

Kyle Chittock


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