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HELP! Sondors Ebike Won't Start

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The LED brake symbol )O( is on, which people said is why the Sondors Ebike won't turn on. When I disconnect the rear brake red electrical wire to the computer, it does start and can ride.


I thought the rear brake was maybe too tight so I removed the brake caliper. I then reconnected the red wire but the brake light LED still goes on and it won't start.

I also tried disconnected the brake wires from both front brake handle squeeze controls and the symbol still shows up.

What else can I try?

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@Arkitektual  I'd try some electric contact cleaner (Home Depot) in your brake lever mechanism and see if that might dislodge any tiny object or displaces any moisture. Replacement Sondors brake levers are avalable, I've seen them but not sure where. 

Try switching cables from brake levers to controller. It the front brake is now the one that tests bad, that would indicate a controller problem If it's still the rear lever.....you've got a bad rear lever or rear brake lever cable.

These might be a direct replacment.


These mention Bafang 8Fun : https://www.empoweredcycles.com/products/8fun-bafang-bbs02-brake-levers-with-cut-off-switches

Andi (our compassionate and fearless leader) mentioned a generic fix for controller related problems that you could try. It's kinda like Hard Booting a computer : unplug the Battery to Controler cable and replug it. 

Lever trouble shooting video :



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Hi @Arkitektual,

first of all, welcome to the forum. Nice to see you here :) 

Please check the following topic: 


15 hours ago, Arkitektual said:

When I disconnect the rear brake red electrical wire to the computer, it does start and can ride.

This looks to me like a faulty sensor, the question is, it is caused by the brake lever or the controller. 
Have you tried to clean the connections with a dust cleaning spray or something like this? Also I would recommend, to unplug everything from the controller and plug it back in, somehow that was often a problem solver. 



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