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Please check all plug connections, especially the one at the power line running from the battery box to the motor. Those plugs often aren't mounted propperly by default, so one of those plug connectors may have just been disconnected.

It would also help to know details: What happens if you push the thumb throttle? Did you switch on the bike's systems in the correct order (battery main switch, thumb throttle switch, LCD switch, PAS-level 1 or up)?

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A dead battery is pretty easy to  determine if you have a multimeter. 


With avalable info you supplied, I'd check the connector under the right chain stays with a multimeter, while someone depresses the throttle. If you can detect power on the controller side of the plug, you have a fault beyond that point. If you can't detect power, I'd suspect a bad thumb throttle. 


Oh, just one more thought. If you have been monkeying in the LCD settings and accidentally changed the set password setting...Bazinga.....the motor won't go. 



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That is significant info and an enigma. If you've followed the correct charging procedures, with the battery power switch in the off position and disconnecting the battery from the controller at the battery discharge port and after charging it doesn't show any battery strength lights, yet the LCD indicated a full charge......I'm stumped at present and will consult my Border Collies. ⏳⏳⏳⌛️⌛️⌛️

They reminded me of the YouTube video showing the procedure.


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You are supplying me with a moving target .....but that's okay, I'll select a heat seeking missile, I mean solution. 

Try this, plug your charger in a wall outlet without it connected to the battery. Wait 1 minute. Now unplug it and follow the battery charging procedure. What does the charger, charging indicator light show? 



At this point I'm considering 3 maladies.....1st, your battery charger is faulty because your male Yorkie lifted his leg on it and shorted it out. You can check for ouput voltage (should be about 42v) with a multimeter. A multimeter is a mandatory tool for every eBike owner. 

2nd, the batteries BMS is faulty (alternately : amiss · bad · damaged · defective · exiguous · faulty · flawed · found wanting · impaired · incomplete · inferior · infrequent · injured · insufficient · lacking · marred · meager · not cut out for · not enough · not make it · not up to  ... you get the idea) this can be attributed to a FAULT during namufacturing or misstep during charging procedures. The last but least likely reason, it's the tidal affect attributed by the alignment of the major planets, plus the moon, that my electrical engineer friend, attributes to recent earth quakes, that are in reality caused by Oil & Gas Well Injection Fracking. His reasoning is the reciprocal of scientific explanation.

3rd, a person or persons,  unknown to you, charged your battery, late at night while you were fast asleep and ignored each and every correct and advised battery charging procedure, including leaving the charger powered & connected to the battery for extended periods of time, days in fact. 

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