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Found 2 results

  1. * The best way to use this video is to watch and write down the desired options, then exit and program your LCD. if you try and program while watching the video your LCD will timebout and none of the settings will be saved and you’ll have to keep starting over because of the length of Kyles explanations . Aftermarket LCD Display user manual (also applying for Sondors eBike LCD) KT3-LCD_short_en.pdf (english language 2-page manual) KT3-LCD_full_en.pdf (english version full manual, 2013) KT3-LCD_full_de.pdf (german version full manual) Programming the KT-LCD3 and KT-LCD8H Everything you need to know EDIT: This manual is the current version for the KT-LCD3. It includes different behavior in some of the settings and lists C13 (regenerative braking... not applicable to Sondors) and C14 - PAS assist strength tuning (applicable to Sondors) KT-LCD3_2015.pdf (English, v3.0, 2015)
  2. Hey all. Today I rode for the second time since my wreck. Man it felt good. And I finally get to start on my next project (until I can work on fixing the fat bike that is wrecked)... A camera or cameras on the bike and or me and where to place them. I've been eyeballing these for a while for my Harley so I can protect and backup myself if something happens on the Harley. And I thought it would be cool to have videos of some of my rides on my Sondors too. For this, I decided to try the GoPro Session 4 (this was purchased in April before the Session 5 was announced) due to tiny size, low cost, and compatibility with the other GoPro mounts and accessories, which I have quite a few of from my old GoPro, and bought some new stuff because it was an excuse to buy new toys. There are lots of great cameras to video your rides out there, but the GoPro has the most mounts and biggest following so it's what I chose. I am trying mounting it in the following places to see what works best, and will probably end up with at least 2 running during rides once I figure out the best places. So here are the options I am considering: helmet mounted - top (COMPLETE) helmet mounted - side chest mounted (COMPLETE) handlebar mounted (COMPLETE) frame mounted low - front frame mounted low - rear seat tube mounted - rear neck mounted - front fork mounted - front rear frame mounted - rear rear frame mounted - forward (COMPLETE) pole mounted pointing back at me maybe 2-3 feet away - front mount on battery box right side near front of box allowing for forward, backward and towards you facing camera angles I have all the mounts and the camera, the bike, the time, and the patience. So I'm going to try and work through all of these, not necessarily in the order I posted. First two tests will be the chest mount and top of helmet mount. My total cost for the camera and the mounts (not including the misc bike mount parts I had) was $240 USD approx. At least for what you see in the photos below. That includes the microSD card I got as well. Seen in the pics below, the Chesty, the Vented Helmet Strap and the Hero Session 4.
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