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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for help. Both my throttle and pedal assist are not working properly. I took it for a short ride; both the throttle and pedal assist work for just a couple of seconds. The battery is charged the display is working and I've checked all the connects. I put a new controller on get the same results. Thanks!
  2. throttle cuts off after 10 mintues I tested my Sondors bike and 10 minutes in the ride my sondors bike throttle stopped. I'd check battery and power cycle both the battery and throttle switch. The battery shows charged and throttle switch lights all the way green but no response what else can i check, wires seem fine as well. Check all connectors, no response from the pedal assist either. I tired it again in the morning and it work for about 10 minutes again and then stop working, not sure if it's due to a bad throttle control. I duno just use the throttle mostly, I wanted to see how long I could just use throttle until the battery dies. If i leave it alone for a while it just starts to work again the length of time I wait varies i check it every few hours and it works not sure whats going on.
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