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  1. After upgrading the front crankset, rear freewheel, (53/17 final gear ratio), chain, LT48 battery, 20-amp controller and display the bike was a beast. Easily commuting to work at 26-27mph and hitting 28-29+ with a bit more effort. The issue was at those speeds in LA traffic I needed the ability to stop fast too. And re-adjusting my brakes every ~2-3 weeks was also getting annoying. The solution was new tires, hydraulic brakes, and Rotors. Here's what I got: -- Rotors: Shimano Deore RT66 180mm 6-Bolt Disc Rotor Brakes: PASION E BIKE MTB Hydraulic Disc Cut Off Power Brake E-Bike (This is basically just a Shimano Hydraulic brake set that's been modified to have the motor cut-off. Make sure to select the right option, in my case it was the second one from the left as my controller has the 2-pin (red) motor cut-off). Rotor Spacer: Shimano F180P/P2 Disc brake adapter Hose Wire Clip Clamps: Jiyaru Bicycle Cable Guide Brake Line Holder Hose Wire Clips Clamps (To route the hydraulic hose by attaching these to the existing closed cable lines). Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348 Road Bike Tire -- This thing stops like a beast now and with the extra traction from these tires this is a nice safety upgrade. Should reduce the changes of flats too as these tires have built-in tire-liners essentially. So far really happy with the upgrade. :) I hope this helps somebody out! Chad
  2. It's important to secure your Sondors THIN or Fat eBike, here are some Locks recommendations: Please note: Cable Locks are considered as unsafe, we already have stolen Sondors eBikes which were secured with a cable lock! The Club UTL800 Utility Lock The Club UTL800 Utility Lock is a part of The Club line of quality products by Winner International. Many Sondors Owners are using this particular Lock and recommend it. Buy now: on Amazon.com on ebay.com Abus Bordo BIG 6000 (Foldable Lock) The Bordo Folding locks feature a linked construction to provide maximum flexibility to secure to racks, fence posts, signs, etc. Compact design offers many frame mounting possibilities. Coating to prevent damage of the bicycle's paint - ABUS Premium cylinder for maximum picking protection. Buy now: on Amazon.com on ebay.com Kryptonite 999492 Black 14mm x 60" (1415) Extreme motorcycle and scooter security for the highest theft locations. 12mm six sided chain links made of 3t hardened manganese steel for maximum strength. Durable protective nylon cover with hook and loop fasteners to hold in place. Buy now: on Amazon.com Do you recommend or know another lock? Tell us!
  3. So I decided to go for a 52v upgrade on my Sondors Thin using the Luna Cycles 52V TRIANGLE PANASONIC GA 18650 14AH HIGH POWER AND LONG RANGE battery. I carefully measured and I thought I could just barely get it in to my Sondors Thin if I took out the bumpers for the stock battery and some of the cable guides. I got the battery and even after looking it I thought it would work (see attached photos). I used a Dremel to take out the bumpers that were in there and most of the cable guides in the top right. The battery looks like it was made for the box, dimensionally it fits like a glove, but (and I knew this was going to be the tough part) the hard box on the Thin just won't quite close even after my modes. I don't think I'm close enough to quite get it there either. I really like the look of the hard box case on the Thin, so I'm trying to figure out it: Is there some alternative idea to getting this thing to work in the stock box. I'd thought maybe there's some way to modify the hinges... or even cutting off the outer rubber on the battery might save a few mm. Any ideas folks? That's why I'm posting on the forum. Is there another form of hard box, maybe from the non-Thin Sondors, that might fit in it? Is there something dumb I'm just not thinking of here? I guess the final option is just remove the box and put in a soft triangle bag (such as the Luna Cycles one). Does anyone have any experience putts one of those on the Thin? And once I do that I might as well get an even bigger 52v battery, right? I've also got photos of it compared to the ElctroBikeWorld LT48. Appreciate any input anyone has. Thanks! @Reddy Kilowatt?
  4. I just assembled a new single speed "Thin" with the LCD control. It seems like its geared really low, especially when you have the option of the electric motor assist. When I'm going full bore, I'm pedaling like a mad man. What are the consequences of swapping the front sprocket for a larger one? I notice that Sondors' front sprocket has a kind of integral chain guard on either side of the chain wheel too. If I were to swap out the front sprocket and extend the chain, is there a supplier that makes a similar but larger diameter sprocket with the chain guard? Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. I'm putting together my seven speed condors thin and it looks different from the assembly videos in that there is no lighted up grey part on the throttle with a button. The throttle is just a black lever. Is this right? I did order the LCD screen and am installing it now.
  6. I bought a set of black plastic fenders from Wish.com for $3.40 plus $3.00 shipping. I think they look good but a little flimsy but hey for $6.40 you can't go wrong!
  7. I have had my Sondors Thin for about a year now & use it daily to get to work/home. I started noticing the bike was having trouble staying at full speed when the battery was running low a few months ago, it would keep me running at 19 instead of the full 20 when the battery was at about a quarter charge left(one bar on the screens battery indicator). Since then it has gotten progressively worse and is now down to only holding me at 16 with a low battery, when the battery is full the bike performs like it did straight out of the box but only for the first quarter of the battery or so. I have kept the bike factory except for the tires & inner tubes, I am running tubeless on the front & the standard setup on the rear at the moment, doesn't seem relevant but was advised to list any mods. I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for troubleshooting this problem, I am thinking it is the controller going bad because I have taken proper care of my battery per the instructions that came with my Sondors & the fact that it performs perfectly fine when the battery is full but I would like to get some other opinions on the matter before I start replacing/upgrading anything.
  8. I purchased four Sondors and love all four but I love my wife more and she believes we have two too many Sondors so I listed two on the Atlanta, GA Craigslist. I purchased two Fold X, one Sondors X 7 with suspension & LCD and a Thin 7 with the LCD-suspension & the battery upgrade. The Sondors X and the Sondors Thin both are too tall for my wife and almost too tall for me. The Sondors Fold turns out to be the best fit for us for the type of riding we do. I discounted the Thin a little more because I would rather let it go rather than the Sondors X. I am trying to sell the Thin 7 at my cost minus the shipping and LCD Screen cost and the Sondors X at my cost minus the shipping. If we would have been able to ride the Sondors before purchasing we would had discovered the two were too tall and would have only purchased the Folds. If I do not sell the Sondors X I plan to strip the drive system and install it on one of my recumbents. If you live anywhere near Lagrange, Georgia and are interested in a Sondors bike but would like to ride one before purchasing any Sondors bikes contact me and I will try to arrange a test ride even if you are not interested in purchasing mine. I do not have any other experience with electric bikes other than the four I own but I cannot imagine any others being much better than these except more size options.
  9. Here is my aluminum water bottle holder that I got at Walmart for $5.99. I used 2 zip ties to hold it on and haven't had any problems so far.
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a front suspension forks for my Sondors Thin? I've looked on eBay but all I can find is for Fats and Mountain bikes. Thanks,Tim from Kansas.
  11. Hi I'm Tim from flat and windy Kansas. I have a Thin I bought last week that was used but only ridden a couple times as the lady that bought it got afraid of it when the motor kicked in so she traded it back to our local bike shop. I got it for $850 that included a Sondors LCD upgrade. It still had protective plastic on the LCD screen and factory boxes with it. Her loss my gain. I'm ordering from Electro Bike World this weekend a LT48v 14Ah battery, 25 amp KT controller and a KT-LCD3. I'll post how it performs before and after. I also hook up my Burley trailer to it and my little Rat Terrier dog named Skippy rides in the trailer with me.
  12. Has anyone tried to upgrade the thin bikes motor from the stock 350 to a more powerful one. I would like a plug and play one if possible. I'm ordering from Electro Bike World this weekend a LT48v 14Ah battery, 25amp KT controller and a KT-LCD3 as my bike fell over last week and cracked my screen and now doesn't work. Thanks Tim from Kansas.
  13. So today I needed to bring the family truck to my brother so I loaded up my Thin7 and drove over. Let my brother try my gold beauty and started my ride home at half battery power (36v larger capacity). Was doing great until my chain kept shifting from 7th to 6th gear back and forth.... then it happened.... my chain broke with 2 miles left and one bar on my battery. Being the environmental conscious person I am, I let the chain hang off both sprockets so I could recycle it once I was home. I am impressed to say after ridding on pedal assist 5 for all the ride I was still able to throttle home with my battery still left with 34v remaining. Total distance 8.52 miles time 32 minutes and still had a blast
  14. Ok so please watch the videos and tell me what you think. I have tried lube down the axle rod. I don't know all the names of the parts but even after putting lune everywhere it's still squeaking. I haven't pull the sprocket off, worried I'll mess something up. Oh and my rear wheel was making grinding noises turned out that was just a breaking chain link.... anyone else had these problems? I'm in 200 miles and about 60 days.... IMG_0263.MOV IMG_0262.MOV
  15. My Sondors Thin recently started making a horrible grinding sound while I'm pedaling. My guess was that the chain was rubbing against the chain guard but a local bike shop guy convinced me that the chain needed to be replaced. After paying him to do that the noise persisted. Now he's guessing that the bottom bracket needs replacement. I don't see that part on the Sondors site. Ideas or suggestions welcomed! If none, please direct me to that part or to a Sondor's users recommended bike shop near me (90034). Thanks!
  16. Sondors Thin bottom bracket I ordered a bottom bracket recommended by another user and it did not fit my Thin. I pulled my original bottom bracket and here it is: Not sure where I'd find a replacement for this as I'm not exactly sure what I'd be looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. So I purchased a Sondors Thin about a month ago, and am already looking to upgrade parts on it! I currently have a 203mm rotor on the front and a 180mm on the rear, complete with Shimano Zee hydraulic rotors. I'm now looking to replace the bottom bracket and crankset as they're not exactly quality parts. I'm wondering what the specs on the BB are, and what I'd need to replace it with a new BB and crankset. Thanks!
  18. A few months ago when I got my Sondors Thin I would ride pretty much continuously on full throttle to get around, at more or less max speed. But recently when I use the throttle or even the pedal assist, my bike will reach top speed briefly, before quickly dropping down to a much slower pace. However, when the motor is given some sort of resistance, such as when I'm biking uphill, the full power of the motor will kick in again. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Or perhaps a way to debug the issue? I'm willing to replace parts, and was considering buying the $100 LCD + Motor Controller pack from Luna Cycles if only to get more data out of my bike, but I'd rather find out if it's the pedal assist, motor controller, throttle, battery, or motor that's causing the issue so I can repair appropriately. Help?
  19. This video shows the assembly of your new Sondors THIN in detail. We highly suggest using this video for assembly to ensure optimal performance! © GoSondors.com Looking for a 3-Speed Conversion?
  20. Sondors THIN battery upgrade Hi all Sondors THIN owners, Anyone sucessfully found and installed a non-stock battery on a Sondors THIN? If so, I would sure love to hear about it, and see some pictures of what you did and how. The point for me, would be to upgrade from 36v stock battery to, say, a 48v/20a pack. But it needs to fit the plastic box on the bike, of course.... I know that both Luna and Velo websites sell Sondors battery upgrades (both 48 and 50v) but theyre made for the Fatbike, and the battery is different on the THIN. Namely, on the THIN, it is not a bottle-style battery, but rather a neat looking triangular box that clicks in and out of place, with a key to lock it in. This means that the plastic mounts and reinforcements inside the plastic box on the bike are different, and take up space differently (and moreso!) than on the Fatbike - as far as I can tell. Also, I think that maybe the plastic box on the THIN is actually a little bit slimmer that it is on the Fatbike to begin with, is that right? So all in all, I dont think the Luna and Velo batteries will fit the THIN bikes. Sadly. BUT there may be other options out there - e.g. from the numerous chinese sellers online. Or maybe Luna or others have plans to make something for the THIN bikes in future? Any and all input on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JKS
  21. Have had my black Thin for almost two weeks now and my wife's white Thin for a week. So far everything is great. Will need to get it from Michigan to Alabama in August. Any ideas for car carriers that will work for the Thin? Will be transporting two of them. Vehicle: Kia Soul or Ford Mustang convertible.
  22. 650 Miles on my Thin It is getting very hot now in Southeast Texas! I can manage 88°F, "feels like" 97°F now. That's way hotter than I could have endured with my human powered bike. (Humidity is very oppressive here.) Love my white Sondors Thin more and more! See you around! ? (Replies not expected nor desired.)
  23. Hi I recieved my sondors thin bike about three weeks ago and until now I fucking love it I´ve been driving around a lot, but in germany it is not really to drive around without things like insurance or number plate, if you have a vehicle that can go this fast without pedalling. The police has no way of noticing that my bike set up isn´t totally legal, so usually I would have no problem just continuing just riding around like this. But I was thinking about making a review of this bike on my channel and since I have over 100K subs I thought I maybe should get all the things done so that I can drive around legally. So to all the German Sondors bike owners who are driving around legally: How did you exactly do it step by step? I would be really thankful, if you could send some links to your instructions with the exact bike insurance you have or where you got the number plate from etc. And does someone know what the penatly is on driving around like this. If it´s not too high I´d maybe risk not getting all this done.^^ Ps: Of course everything I just said is made up. I would never do something illegal, because it is against the law, so it´s bad, mkay
  24. Tougher Tires/Tubes for Thin? Anybody upgrade tires and/or tubes on the Thin model? Used Goop? Original tires are wearing very slowly, which is nice. ? Thanks for any related info.
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