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Found 5 results

  1. I'm getting no reading on my battery gauge and no pedal assist beyond level 1, although I can set it to any level on the screen. Also see "Sour 2" at bottom of screen, which I assume is an error code, but it seems like error codes are usually numbers, and I've not been able to find any reference to this in forum nor anywhere else. Has anyone else experienced this "Sour 2" error code? Any solutions? I'm waiting to hear back from Sondors tech support...
  2. I purchased four Sondors and love all four but I love my wife more and she believes we have two too many Sondors so I listed two on the Atlanta, GA Craigslist. I purchased two Fold X, one Sondors X 7 with suspension & LCD and a Thin 7 with the LCD-suspension & the battery upgrade. The Sondors X and the Sondors Thin both are too tall for my wife and almost too tall for me. The Sondors Fold turns out to be the best fit for us for the type of riding we do. I discounted the Thin a little more because I would rather let it go rather than the Sondors X. I am trying to sell the Thin 7 at my cost minus the shipping and LCD Screen cost and the Sondors X at my cost minus the shipping. If we would have been able to ride the Sondors before purchasing we would had discovered the two were too tall and would have only purchased the Folds. If I do not sell the Sondors X I plan to strip the drive system and install it on one of my recumbents. If you live anywhere near Lagrange, Georgia and are interested in a Sondors bike but would like to ride one before purchasing any Sondors bikes contact me and I will try to arrange a test ride even if you are not interested in purchasing mine. I do not have any other experience with electric bikes other than the four I own but I cannot imagine any others being much better than these except more size options.
  3. Solexx X

    Pete Bannister

    I'm looking for the Canadian Government required compliance sticker to put on my new X (for Ontario Canada.) Our government is kinda goofy about this trivial minutia. The requirement is, " What is a Canadian e-bike compliance label required to include?"Sample label:THIS VEHICLE IS A POWER ASSISTED BICYCLE AND MEETS ALL THEREQUIREMENTS UNDER SECTION 2(1) OF THE CANADA MOTOR VEHICLESAFETY REGULATIONS. The Canadian highway traffic act expects the manufacturer to put this on the bike where it is visible in both English and French. If Sondors won't help with this I'm going to photoshop one with the required info. Cheers!
  4. Aaronjagger

    Power options

    Hello all. I just got a Sondors x fat tire bike. It has the 17.5ah battery as opposed to the original with the small 8.5 or something like that. My question is ..do any of you know how it would work if I got one of those 54000 portable ac outlet power banks. They are only a few pounds and you can plug the Sondors charger in it and Maybe connect it to the bike as you ride and it pulls its power from there before it takes it from the battery. These power banks would hold about three full charges if I do the math correctly. Any thoughts about this ?
  5. Sondors X 7 just arrived 8/8 -Assy report Just put together the Sondors X, Silver frame and rims, with Suspension, LCD Screen and 7 speeds. Arrived by UPS freight (Colorado Springs). 2 packages bike + LCD screen. Well packaged, took 1:45 hr to assemble, did not need instructions as I previously put together my Sondors Original. Well protected no scratches, left crank arm pedal thread was buggered up, cleaned out threads with a tap, rear wheel badly off center, striped m4x1.0 screw in grip shift housing (my fault) replaced with new screw. Has a guard to protect the derailer during shipping- label said to remove. Put battery on charger during assembly fully charged in 2 hours. Love the silver metallic paint. Both tires at 16 psi. Last hour of assembly was to center rear wheel, adjust brakes, adjust derailer, bent kickstand out for greater stability, build was no big deal as expected. Changed LCD setting to remove 20 mph max speed with motor assist. First Ride Impressions Very smooth, quite. I love the feeling of a brand new bike. Not sure 7 speeds is of much benefit, I think I'll leave it in 7 gear most of the time. Max seed maybe 1 mph greater than my 36v Steel frame Sondors Original. The 48V battery system will most likely add battery range vs 36V. Suspension seems a little harsh- do not see if it is adjustable. No noticeable difference in hill climbing from my 36V Sondors. Only went for a short 10 mile ride as I recently hurt my shoulder. Overall as expected, great bike, great design, great value and tons of fun.

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