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Found 9 results

  1. This one fits perfectly https://www.ebay.com/itm/283693004964
  2. I know they will say no, but just wanted to throw that one out. (27 Jul 15)
  3. Missed the first beach ride? Don't worry, Sorin Marius and I got your back, here are videos and images from the ride Looking for more? Take a look: (click me) Want to participate next time? Have a look at our calendar, more will follow soon. & Don't forget to pin yourself on the member map!
  4. Hi all, I'm Lyndon and I found out about Sondors after seeing one at a local music event in my city that a guy was kind enough to explain and let me ride his sweet black fattie original. Have been hooked on getting my own since. Have been saving for three months and only $320 to my goal of $955 to buy the custom fattie original. Hope to order by this April. Im looking to use mine as my sole commuter from home, to the schools I teach, to my college where I'm working on my first BA degree, and home. Really wish I could order sooner, but I'm working to earn that sweet custom to get me
  5. Hey there Sondors owners, Anybody out there doing Clipless pedals? I'm modding my Aluminum Fatty with Clipless/platform combo Shimano pedals when it arrives. Am curious if anyone else is already using anything but platforms on their own Sondors. Opinions?
  6. Just wondering as I examine reviews on the two aluminum Sondors bikes what are the advantages vs disadvantages over each other? The biggest I'm aware of is the Thins weight at 47 vs the 56/59 on the aluminum fattie. And the lack of an upgrade battery or suspension for the Thin. Any input from owners on both is welcome
  7. Hello Sondors owners! Very happy to find this forum, Thank you Andi for your hard work to make this place where people can share information. I've ordered the Blk/Blk and waiting for August ship date. Also have LCD on order as well. One of my hobbies is RC Aircraft, Only electric brushless motors. I have several electric ducted fan jets that use Li-poly batteries. I want to fender up my bike when received and put a rack on too. For fenders I want to make a plug to create my own from fiberglass or perhaps some other material. So I'll share photos and maybe even offer to
  8. Hi, I'm from Germany and I orderd yesterday a fat bike, i think so, because im not sure if have chosen the right one could someone confirm that the bike i've ordered is the right one and when will it be shipped? thank you Sondors eBike - EU, CHE, NOR - BLACK/YELLOW Artikelnr. SKU_40 , BLACK/YELLOW Options *EU, CHE, NOR*: BLACK/YELLOW SONDORS Original $664,00 USD 1 $664,00 USD
  9. Missed the event? No problem here are pictures and videos: Pictures from the Sondors THIN eBike: Detailed view of parts (click to enlarge): Videos: Some other impressions from the "meeting": More pictures: Comment below what you're thinking!
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