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Found 6 results

  1. This information applies to: SONDORS Thin eBike (all variants), SONDORS Fat eBike (all variants), SONDORS Fold eBike (all variants) and SONDORS X (all variants) Great, you've got your new SONDORS electric bike. But you cannot find the keys for the battery? Don't panic! Here are two possible locations: In the Battery/Controller case, between battery or controller or In the foam packaging of the battery Didn't find them? Please carefully search in the shipping box / shipping material. They are not big so you could overlook them quickly! You searched for the keys in every possible location over and over again but couldn't find them? Please contact support@sondors.com for help. Ride safe! Andi
  2. At 20 - 25 miles per hour on my Sondors fat bike the front suspension forks do a fine job but I found that the seat suspension was just not enough to prevent my backside from feeling heavy jarring when riding over random bumps, potholes and cracks in the roads. My search for an answer took me through several possibilities and I landed on the Suntour SP12-NCX Mountain Road Bike Suspension Travel Seatpost (27.2mm x 350mm) suspension seat post for the solution. This upgrade is less than $100.00 USD, is very easy to install, highly adjustable and greatly reduces the hard jarring you feel from the back end of the bike when hitting holes, bumps, etc. I feel this is an excellent upgrade and well worth the price. If you decide to get one, the size selection is "27.2mm x 350mm".
  3. until
    Sunday February 26th Second Group Ride of the Year Hermosa Beach to Venice Beach and Venice Beach to Hermosa Beach Group Ride-Sun 10 AM · 501 Herondo street, Hermosa Beach Depart 10 AM · Venice Blvd. at the Venice Beach Depart Both groups will meet somewhere in the middle and ride back to Venice Beach. Contact Jack 310-857-9895 for Info. All E-Bicycle are Welcomed
  4. Missed the first beach ride? Don't worry, Sorin Marius and I got your back, here are videos and images from the ride Looking for more? Take a look: (click me) Want to participate next time? Have a look at our calendar, more will follow soon. & Don't forget to pin yourself on the member map!
  5. until
    You can ether ride from Hermosa Beach to Venice Beach or you can Ride from Venice Beach to Hermosa Beach with Jack Miller and Bruce Choate Hermosa to Venice group ride Sat 10 AM · 501 Herondo street, Hermosa Beach Venice to Hermosa group ride Sat, 10 AM Venice Blvd. and the Boardwalk/Beach parking lot. Please Contact Jack for information at 310-857-9895
  6. Saturday, June 4 at 11 AM - 1 PM in PDT Join us at the Marina Green Park in San Francisco on Saturday, June 4th to experience the electricity of Sondors eBike in person! Meet with founder and inventor Storm Sondors and get a chance to ride the revolutionary new Sondors THIN eBike, an electric vehicle that has been making waves as one of the lightest and most affordable. In addition to trying the new Sondors THIN, this will also be an opportunity for the Sondors community to meet with current and future riders to share experiences. The future of transportation is here, don't miss out on #ElectricSummer! ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
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