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Found 3 results

  1. Hello & Welcome to the Sondors Owner Forum! My name is Andi and I will guide you through the new Features and Functions here. First off all check your e-Mails. Maybe you got migrated from the old forum, then you got your Account Credentials in your e-Mail. If not don't worry registration is easy & very quick if you use Facebook or Twitter ;). How to Sign-Up: Click this blue Button on the top right of the site. Now you can register with e-Mail (classic) or with Facebook, Twitter. Example Facebook registration: After providing all important information you are registered. Just confirm your e-Mail and boom - welcome to the club. Maybe you get asked for Notification permission. Confirm, if you want to get notifications from the forum as push via your browser Registration brings you many benefits like: Bike registry - register your Bike and report if it's got stolen. After you are logged in you can read more here: mybike.sondorsforum.com (only works if logged in - if not logged in you will get an error) easy share of (your own) instructions keep track of upgrade parts, replacement parts and more a Link which you can bookmark and visit every time you need it. It will be there (not like Facebook) private Messages - easy contact someone on the forum privately Tell us how you made it work - or ask what you want to make. We will help you and others can find it easy if they want to make the same. and ton's of more potential... The new forum is easier to use. If you want to share a YouTube Video in a post/topic. Copy & Paste the YouTube Link it will embed automatically. Also Images. Got an Image link? Paste it in the Editor and it will appear. You can select if you want to get a notify when someone replies to a thread which you are interested in (when you answer to a topic its under the editor). You can easy attach Images and files, by selecting or dropping. Share a topic - its easy: Is something missing or you haven't understand how to do something? Comment your question below! Now take you a moment and introduce yourself and your awesome bike here: https://sondorsforum.com/forum/9-introduce-yourself/
  2. member map Why is it that on the member map, mine shows a house?
  3. Hello SONDORS team........Recently purchased my fat bike from previous owner here in town. He has moved onto a SONDORS thin bike. I love my new ride and the owners forum. In the absence of a dealer network and owners manual, we need each other. I look forward to learning as we go. Terri
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