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  1. Battery on 2019 Sondors Step will not charge. I plug the charger into it and charger light remains green (never turns red to indicate charging). I reset LCD to default just to make sure it want settings issue. Any ideas? I tried two different chargers as we ha e two of these bikes. When I remove battery and plug in to charger, 3 green dot lights turn on only when plugged in.
  2. * The best way to use this video is to watch and write down the desired options, then exit and program your LCD. if you try and program while watching the video your LCD will timebout and none of the settings will be saved and you’ll have to keep starting over because of the length of Kyles explanations . Aftermarket LCD Display user manual (also applying for Sondors eBike LCD) KT3-LCD_short_en.pdf (english language 2-page manual) KT3-LCD_full_en.pdf (english version full manual, 2013) KT3-LCD_full_de.pdf (german version full manual) Programming the KT-LCD3 and KT-LCD8
  3. Does anyone know how to correct this? My LCD displays 49.6 mph whenever I am coasting. The mph displays correct MPH whenever I am pedaling or using the throttle. 350 watt motor, 15 amp controller , 12.8 bottle battery, KT-LCD3 V1.0 4E 24/36/48V
  4. Commute to and from work... haul propane gas water & groceries uphill for my dry off grid cabin... Year round... In Alaska. Thank you Sondors... Amazing vehicle... Bravo!
  5. This information applies to all SONDORS eBikes shipped after December 2017: Here is the setup manual for the new SONDORS LCD - According to Storm this is the new model for all bikes shipping from now on. Users Manual-KD51C-KDS.pdf (you need to be logged in to access this file) Got the old LCD display? Check out this topic:
  6. Here you can find the right settings for your Sondors eBike generic LCD! KT LCD3 settings for Sondors buy a LCD here: klick Max. Speed: leave it, or set it to 25 km/h Wheel Diameter: 29 for 4.9" tires, 28 for 4.0" Metric and Imperial Units: your choice P1 = 100 (Motor Characteristic Parameter Setting Mode, 1 - 255) P2 = 6 (Wheel Speed Pulse Signal Setting Mode, 0 - 6) P3 = 1 (Power Assist Control Mode, 0 or 1) P4 = 0 (Handlebar Startup Mode, 0 or 1) P5 = 12 (Power Monitoring Mode, 0 - 40) C1 = 01 (Power Assist Sensor and Parameter Select Mode, 00 - 07) C2 = 0 (Mot
  7. I purchased the August 2018 run XS Fat and received in Jan 2019. The admin password for advanced settings is 1515.
  8. need to know what "03 Info" means on my display i just jot my bike in December and already its giving me some weird code.... what does this mean - and how come you sonders is so lazy as to give out information on the LCD controller for my FOLD X. half of the codes and modes of the LCD are not described anywhere. At the moment i'll just settle ok knowing what a flashing " 03 Info" on my display means. Everytime i use the assist throttle on my FOLD X - i get this message and customer support for sonders has been pretty cruddy... can anyone here help as to what might be causing the
  9. Hi I've just bought a pre owned fat bike, not sure of the exact model but it has the "Wendy" led controller. I inverted the bike to swap brake pads (being careful not to damage the controller) but it began to rain very heavily so I left it in situ and when I came back to the bike after a day or so I couldn't start it, yes the battery was charged? The screen was completely blank, no led's on the throttle. then after 24hours the lcd screen showed the 'boxes' where the information should be but just the boxes no actual information, this screen is visible even with the battery remov
  10. Hello Sondors riders! Just want to show you guys and gals the new KT-LCD3 now with a USB port! It still looks the same, functions the same except it now has a USB port in the back so you can charge your phone or power your headlights. Has a 5v output with 2.1amp to charge the latest Samsung & iphones. See more information here https://electrobikeworld.com/products/kt-lcd3-usb
  11. Hi All....Merry Christmas! We received one X7 on 12/12/17 Charcoal/Blue and the other one Silver/Silver on 12/14/17. I ordered them September 1st 2017. We just received the NEW version of the LCD's today 12/23/17. Version A11111. I included some images of the screens There is a Walk button at the back of the LCD control switch. Be prepared, it takes off at about 3.5 MPH. The bikes are awesome. We are thrilled with the bikes. Fun fun fun! I swapped out the stock 4.9" mudders on my wife's X7 for Maxxis 2.5 Hookworms along with the tubes due to my wife's height.(5'2"). The hei
  12. I have an extra LCD B2222 36v, If you need it make me an offer.
  13. Still figuring out the Fold X LCD settings preference, but it seems the top speed setting will reset if the battery was powered off. Anyway to make it remember?
  14. After two months and 150 miles SONDORS Fold "X" LCD display do not show the battery level in the panel. Has anyone had this problem? everything works., less breast and battery in the LCD., before you could see and work everything.
  15. Luna Cycle's "preprogrammed" LCD and upgraded 20 amp controller combo Does anyone know if the Luna Cycle LCD and 20 amp controller combo is really a different LCD than an original (kickstarter) LCD? Can I just buy the controller and reprogram my existing display or do I really need to buy their display too? https://lunacycle.com/batteries/gauge/lcd-dashboard-for-sondors-bike-hot-rod-programmed-kt-lcd3/
  16. Does anyone have clear instructions on how to actually use the cruise control feature? The directions that come with the LCD panel are weak at best on how to actually use the features available.
  17. I just got my Thin. The assembly went well until the end - LCD cable installation. I found what appears to be the correct cable that goes into the controller (far side, unconnected cable, with a black end cover on it). The problem is that I cannot get the darn end cover off. I cannot get it to separate. In the videos it appears that it simply pulls apart. I pulled, pried, used my teeth, everything. Eventually, I think I broke the cover away from the green connector piece. The black cover seems to have simply separated from the green cap inside. The two green connectors never released -
  18. Hey guys so I have a question I hope you can help me with. I got an original fat bike last year (no LCD) and added the official Sondors LCD after. I love the bike, especially with the LCD, but I live in a hilly area and it lacks power on climbs, especially with my 185lb butt with a full backpack on it. I think a higher current controller might help the situation, but I understand there are some compatibility issues with the Sondors LCD and the controllers Luna cycles sells. Does anybody know how to identify what controller/LCD combo I have so I can look for a stronger controller that will
  19. LCD Display not displaying speed, battery, etc Hi everyone, I recently received my Sondors and I can't figure out why the LCD Display is not showing speed nor battery life ? I can change the pedal assist level, the maximum speed, size of wheels etc but it doesn't show my current speed reading and the battery is completely blank, what could cause that ? I bought the display on Ebay, it's this model : http://www.ebay.ie/itm/141957087134?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT And the Sondors on their website (not on Kickstarter/Indiegogo). Thanks
  20. Long story short: The generic LCD (KT-LCD3) that you can buy from a lot of vendors, and the "Wendy LCD" that you can buy from Passion eBike (AliExpress) and velomobileshop.com with the Sondors plug will apparently NOT work with your bikes from kickstarter. Sondors has apparently changed to a proprietary Ketung controller and communication protocol for the KickStarter bikes. Only the LCD available from Sondors directly will work with it, and you have to make sure you order the LCD for KickStarter campaign, because they also sell LCDs for the older IGG campaign bikes. What you can do: I
  21. Since the LCD user manual's chapter about the parameter copy fuctionality is a bit ambiguous, here's a step by step guide about how to set up the LCDs and the wiring. Disclaimer 1: In order to connect the two LCDs, you'll need to build an adapter cable by yourself! This requires some soldering skills, as well as some electronics tools for working on cable wiring. Disclaimer 2: I used third-party displays I had purchased from AliExpress. I DO NOT know if this works with Sondors branded LCDs or with a mixture of both, because of the various communication protocols. The user manual says
  22. Hi Sondors Riders. Selling a gently used LCD Display. Reason I'm selling is that I ended up upgrading my controller and had to switch to a third party display. I had originally ordered this display for my Kickstarter Fat Tire bike, but installed it on my Sondors Thin and it worked perfectly fine. Can't guarantee that it will work for you as well, but to compare the setup, the controller part number it was connected to on my thin is KT36ZWSR-LD03. Kickstarter LCD Display in box (but also worked on my Sondors Thin) $60 + shipping US Only Local meet-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area ar
  23. When I enter my security code and hit the middle button the display just shuts down. It worked great but just shuts down now please help. Gene
  24. I received a Sondors Fat Tire eBike as a gift. I have no way of contacting the original buyer to find out where the bike was purchased from. I desperately need to buy an LCD Screen system and controller to unlock the bike's full potential. Are there any serial numbers or markings on the bike that indicate where it was purchased from so I know which LCD Screen to purchase? (i.e. Indiegogo, Kickstarter, gosondors.com) Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  25. I installed it as instructed, but lcd is not registering all level. Battery is blank voltage is 0 Assist levels work well (bike is faster just not registering on display) GOT BIKE IN: NOV 1015 GOT LCD IN: MARCH 2016 THANKS FOR YOUR HELP DJPJNYC
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