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Found 5 results

  1. Long story short: The generic LCD (KT-LCD3) that you can buy from a lot of vendors, and the "Wendy LCD" that you can buy from Passion eBike (AliExpress) and velomobileshop.com with the Sondors plug will apparently NOT work with your bikes from kickstarter. Sondors has apparently changed to a proprietary Ketung controller and communication protocol for the KickStarter bikes. Only the LCD available from Sondors directly will work with it, and you have to make sure you order the LCD for KickStarter campaign, because they also sell LCDs for the older IGG campaign bikes. What you can do: If you don’t want a LCD Display from Sondors here are a few options: Buy the 20A Controller from Wendy this one will work with your Bike & the generic LCD. If you want more torque wait for the 25A Controller which will be released soon by Wendy. This one will also work with your existing Bike & the generic LCD.
  2. Hi Sondors Riders. Selling a gently used LCD Display. Reason I'm selling is that I ended up upgrading my controller and had to switch to a third party display. I had originally ordered this display for my Kickstarter Fat Tire bike, but installed it on my Sondors Thin and it worked perfectly fine. Can't guarantee that it will work for you as well, but to compare the setup, the controller part number it was connected to on my thin is KT36ZWSR-LD03. Kickstarter LCD Display in box (but also worked on my Sondors Thin) $60 + shipping US Only Local meet-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area are possible
  3. I received a Sondors Fat Tire eBike as a gift. I have no way of contacting the original buyer to find out where the bike was purchased from. I desperately need to buy an LCD Screen system and controller to unlock the bike's full potential. Are there any serial numbers or markings on the bike that indicate where it was purchased from so I know which LCD Screen to purchase? (i.e. Indiegogo, Kickstarter, gosondors.com) Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  4. Sounds stupid…but I can’t figure out if they ripped me off or not ? I first ordered the Kickstarter bike for $499 + $194 shipping and have the confirmed email for a total of $693 Then when they offered upgrades I added the aluminum frame, the suspension and the LCD… Which then showed via email $948…and thats what I paid… So today I get the bike, white aluminum and the suspension…but no LCD ? Did anybody else order the combo and did you get the LCD ? -max
  5. Welcome to the Sondors Owner Forum. I will tell you some important information for your new KickStarter Sondors eBike. Lets start: 0. If UPS tells you the wrong color options on the tracking site Just don’t panic. We’ve been told by a Sondors insider that there was a glitch in the UPS notice creation but that the RIGHT bikes will be arriving. 1. Assemble your new eBike If you need an instruction or help: 2. After your first test ride Write down your serial. It’s located on the left side of the crank housing if you have a aluminum frame. If you don’T have a aluminum frame its located around the steering head. Sondors doesn’t keep track of these numbers, so it’s up to you to do so. (On the IGG bikes the number is also located around the steering head) 2.1 Bike Lock. Get a good one (or two) Just don’t use cable locks, they are really very easy to cut. (There are already stolen Sondors eBikes only secured with cable lock) Get at least a Level 10 Bike Lock. You should spend around 10% of your bike costs for the bike security. Lock your bike with the frame. If you only lock your tire, the thief can remove the tire and take without it. I have two locks. The first which is used on the back tire is a ABUS Bordo Big 6000 (foldable lock) with 120cm length (Level 10). The second is a standard chain lock for the front tire. Just to make the bike for a thief so unattractive as possible. 3. LCD You want to upgrade your bike with an awesome LCD? If you buy it from an vendor (so not the official from Sondors). It will not work. You have to change the Controller also. 3.1 Some nice to have links: LCD for Sondors eBike (not compatible with KS Bikes without changing controller) Controller for Sondors eBike - 20A (recommended) | 25A More Accessories / Replacements: https://sondorsforum.com/forum/6-sondors-ebike-accessories/ 4. The Map Please take a minute to pin yourself on our owners map. No need to pin your exact location, just somewhere close by is fine. If you haven’t already seen our map get ready for an amazing sight. 5. Technical Problem If you have a problem with your new awesome bike that has just arrived, please contact Sondors directly on this e-mail adress: support@sondors.com since you have a limited 30 Days warranty. But note: Answers can take very long (mostly up to 4 weeks) You can also create a topic in the “Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting” Category, but we cannot help you to get a replacement by Sondors. Have fun. You will love your new bike! You have a question? Comment below
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