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Found 7 results

  1. Ima waiting for my Rockstar. I am on the Feb delivery schedule. I am looking forward to reviews from owners who receive theirs before then. I have my DIY rig to ride in the meantime. Much impatience....
  2. Received delivery of new XS today. (Rancho Santa Margarita, South Orange County, California.) Assembled, charged and did my first 15 miles without lookin'! What a JOY! Looking forward to taking the bike to the beach (San Clemente) for a long ride. Hoping some folks around me doing regular rides! Christopher...
  3. Hi Guys, I have not used the Owners forum much before as I have traditionally stuck with the Facebook SOG. I purchased my first Fat from the very first Indiegogo campaign and since then have purchased another Fat, 2 Thins (one with belt drive) as well as a Fold. Have done all the normal upgrades/troubleshooting etc. I am South African that has now been living in Italy for o ver 16 years based in Gavirate in the foothills of the Alps and in between the lakes. Ideal cycling territory. If anyone plans to visit the area I can advise.
  4. I just bought these two Original Fat Tires. I have owned many bikes that I never rode and want to enjoy riding. My neighbor has three Originals with the LCD and let me ride one down the street. WOW! I ordered a Thin 7 and then found a scooter dealer in another city who wanted to unload these bikes. I bought the bikes and canceled my Thin 7 order. I have riden further today than I have ridden a bike in many years. I ordered a luna LCD and controller and am looking for ward to many years of fun!
  5. joe


    Newbie Hello Group, my name is Joe I just purchased a SONDORS Original (today). I am looking to jump start my life this bike looks like a good way to start at least it gets me up and moving. I need a recomendation for a package shelf and anything else I can't live without. I bought and Original with a LCD and the bigger battery. I am a little bigger that normal people, so I figure steel would hold up longer/better that the others. Plus it was cheaper.
  6. North County San Diego owner. Modified!!!! Hello fellow sondors owners. I'm just so excited about my Sondors thin and my modifications I just had to share it with you all. Let me know if you have any questions. Oh my name is Valentino. Nice to meet you all.
  7. I'm Bryan Lovejoy! I've commuted to work on bicycle most of my life. In Northwest Wisconsin all year around. Since 1990 in Katy, Texas USA. It can be WAY too hot ♨ to ride bicycle in the afternoons here, which is why you are reading this. My limit on a human powered bike is 82°F. Above that, I'd get home (6.3 miles) and find myself in early signs of heat stroke. My hope with the Sondors Thin is that I can ride more easily generally, and in the afternoon, if need be, I'll use the battery only. In this part of the world, nobody, and I mean NOBODY is outside walking, running, walki
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