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  1. Hello all. My story is pretty simple. I'm a computer-nerd / tech-geek since childhood and I've always found the concept of a motorized bicycle a neat idea. I've always wanted to own an eBike, but most of them available in Germany were waaay too expensive for my small wallet; paying several thousands of Euros was just a no-go. About two years ago, I had made myself familiar with crowdfunding. The main reasone had been to support a digital artist who wanted to publish a comic book, but after having my first contact to the IngieGoGo site, I got curious (of course) and started browsing the vast content offered, especially the technologies-section. And well, it was about to happen: I stumbled over the Sondors campaign! The concept of a fat-bike was absolutely new to me; I had never seen one before. As soon as I saw the first picture of the IGG Sondors, I instantly fell in love. I wasn't just fascinated about the concept of a fat-bike (that would have been enough for me to hit the "get that perk" button, it also was an eBike! After realizing the affordable price, the decision was made and I backed the campagin by buying the appropriate perk. This was the point where I started to make myself familiar with the laws and complex regulations for eBikes here in Germany, and I quickly relaized that I'd had some obstacles to take in order to ride the Sonors e-bike (almost) legally here at home. Well, I think I got it almost sorted out, but there are still some loose ends to fix; I'll talk about that specific issue later on. I also started to gather information about the parts used by Sondors, especially their origin. I wasn't really surprised to learn that all of the parts used in the Sondors eBike were from chinese manufacturers (which is not a bad thing at all, just to make that clear) ... I mean: Reallity Check! That's where the highly affordable price has its origin. But as I said, that's totally OK, it was a very interesting process to learn about all of those topics. To cut a long story short: I backed, I waited (patience is a virtue after all), I hoped, and finally I GOT my bike at the end of 2015. I did some small modifications to the bike, but finally decided to keep it that way and just RIDE it. Here are some pictures: I think I got it managed to setup the bike to ride it 90% legally here in Germany: Head lamp Backing light Front, rear and side reflectors Driving mirror Bicycle bell Turn signals (wing lights) License plate (oh yes, the Sondors in its original setup has to be insured here in Germany) (lapsed, see below) Speed limiter (through the LCD) The remaining 10% which remain unsolved / unclear are: I actually would need a EU compliant type approval document (an operating permit) provided by the manufacturer I actually would need to wear a motorcycle helmet instead of a bicycle helmet (yeah...right) I mainly use my Sondors in urban environments, such as for riding to work and back again, when the weather is nice. I try avoid riding it when it's raining. I haven't made longer rides, yet, but a wanna try to max out the battery range capacity sometime. I also plan to register my bike at my local police office, to enable them to have a chance to find the bike if it gets stolen. Since fat-bikes and especially the Sondors are extremely rare in Germany, they might have a good chance to track it down. That's all for now, folks. Thanks for dropping by! UPDATE: Bye bye license plate, bye bye insurance. Those friggin' updated EU regulations ...
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