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Found 4 results

  1. Like some of you, I upgraded to the forks with shock absorption built in to help smooth my ride. However, I feel like the stock/factory load is not designed for the average size and weight rider or for any kind of more aggressive riding. It seems to be tuned to ride like a smoothly and not so much for trails and such. I routinely see use of way more then half of the exposed shocks travel length even on casual rides, which tells me it's not loaded/adjusted correctly for me and my style. So, is there a means to adjust these and if so can it be done safely? That is the question I've asked myself. Here is what I've discovered so far. The caps covering the wells into the forks on top are labeled EASING which led me to a off-brand Chinese manufacturer. No useful info beyond that. I couldn't even find a fork that looked like ours. So I then inspected the bottom and inside of the fork wells to see what I could see. I found the end of a threaded bolt on the very bottom, not of any use that I could tell. But it does tell me something somewhere is adjusted or adjustable. Looking inside the forks, you can clearly see a nut down deep inside that may very well be adjustable. I love to tinker, but things go wrong when I do, so I am kind of afraid to do so without having a backup fork just in case. Has anyone actually tried adjusting the nut down deep in the fork wells, or know anything about adjusting these? My next choice is to replace them with something I know I can adjust, defeating the purpose of the upgrade in the first place. Thoughts, comments, input, all welcomed.
  2. Front wheel hub is broken Hi, I have original sondors with suspension. But when I was biking, suddenly my front wheel got broke and I could not bike anymore. Removing the front wheel and inspecting, I could see that the cone in the front wheel hub is broken. It seems it is a very rare case and do you guys know if I can fix this? Replacing the front Tyre is extremely pricey. Venkat
  3. Hello guys, Not sure what the problem is on my Thin Sondors, when i break with the front brake the whole wheel go crooked to the left, please check my short video... Thank you in advance Birdy IMG_0519.MOV
  4. Bike seems to operate fine but instructions and pictures show front brake on front left side
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