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  1. SONDORS Fold and Fold X Assembly Instructions PLEASE NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with bicycle assembly, it is strongly recommend that you take your SONDORS to a reputable bicycle professional for assistance. Otherwise, if you are comfortable with the assembly process, please refer to this video as a guide for assembling your SONDORS Fold or SONDORS Fold X.
  2. Hi Sondors community! My name is Roy, 30 years old and live in the Netherlands. I will use the bike for commute to work. Round trip is 20km (about 12 miles). After debating back and forth I finally went ahead and bought myself a Fold Sport. Here in the Netherlands we have dedicated bike lanes that are overall in very good condition. So no need for suspension or fat tires. Ordered the bike on the 10th of may and recieved it yesterday 15th of may. Talking about a quick delivery !! Very excited about recieving the package I cancelled all my plans for yesterday evening so I could
  3. The Nightly Fold X Report I got to ride some more on Buffy's Fold X tonight. This was my first real ride after altering the LCD programing. Testing has now shown a stock Fold X with nothing more than Program changes to the LCD can do 23 mph on a flat, hot off the charger with no pedaling. You might be able to pedal assist to 25 but you'll look like a human egg beater doing it . With the slightest of advantage, such as a light tailwind, or downhill grade, 25 mph is easily attainable without pedaling, and I saw it do that several times. Another area I got to explore was handling. Since I hav
  4. Has anyone already heard about the November delivery of the Fold? With which ship do the bicycles arrive? Or maybe the bikes are already in the harbor? I am so full of anticipation.
  5. Selling my Black/Red Fold with the upgraded 36V 17.5A battery because i need the quick cash. plus i'm not used to riding a bike so commuting is a bit rougher than expected Comes with an upgraded $70 saddle (still have the stock one) and Light & Motion Urban 350 Bike Headlights + Tailight ($80 worth). There's a mirror and a bell attached to the handle bar (not pictured), and a phone holder that I'll throw in as well I'm asking $1100 which is less than what I paid for everything. Will take cash/check/paypal/venmo/square cash/wellsfargo, pick up in SF (the city itself) The bike has
  6. Sondors Fold Charger Not Working Just received the Fold and after four or five days we have gone to charge it for the first time and it will not charge. Charging with the battery off the bike. The charger light is always green even though the batter is depleted (shows one bar on the LCD display). Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello! I have ordered a Sondors Fold the European edition (I live in Greece)..... (still waiting ) After reading many posts on the forum I got somehow confused. I know that because the new EU law all the ebikes operated in europe must have max a 250w motor and 25km/h max speed. In many posts I read that all Sondors with 250w motors, in fact are equiped with 350w motors and only the casing number changes and if you do also some changes from the lcd screen you can get even beter speed or power. Can we have a clear answer if the European edition Sondors have a trully 250w motor?
  8. Still waiting for our Fold X to ship. Since we had our first snow today, I wonder how well a Fold X runs on snow? After all, it is a "fat bike", right?
  9. Hi from Tillson NY Received a red fold base model on Monday 8/21/17 - the day of the eclipse. Assembled and rode it without the LCD. Fun, but battery consumption kept me close. Next day, received the LCD and installed it. Power usage was much better. Have 30 miles on it so far. Today, drove 10.7 miles on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail (95% flat ride & no wind - I'm 200lbs.) and LCD shows 1/2 battery power remains. I would prefer to see the actual percentage of power instead of an approximate bar display. When charging, I have no clue how long until it will be before fully charged. This
  10. Fold x specs I just weighed my Fold X with 7 speed option. Bike w/o battery is 51.8 lbs. Bike w/ battery is 59.3 lbs Battery weight is 7.5 lbs. Does anyone have a standard fold weight?
  11. Travelling with Fold X Ready for a road trip with my Fold X's!
  12. Fold standard 8.8Ah - What's your best mileage on a full charge? What is the best mileage you've had on full charge with your Fold standard? (not 7 speed) (not 17.5 Ah) - show us the LCD info if your happy or not. Thanks!
  13. Fold 7 speed 17.5Ah - What's your best mileage on a full charge? What is the best mileage you've had on a full charge with your Fold 7 speed with 17.5 battery upgrade - show us the LCD info if your happy or not. Thanks!
  14. Fold standard 17.5Ah - What's your best mileage on a full charge? What is the best mileage you've had on a full charge with your Fold standard (not 7 speed) with 17.5 battery upgrade? - show us the LCD info if your happy or not. Thanks!
  15. Fold 7 speed 8.8Ah - What's your best mileage on a full charge? What is the best mileage you've had on full charge with your Fold 7 speed (not 17.5 Ah) - show us the LCD info if your happy or not. Thanks!
  16. New Fold just arrived! Now Fold just arrived for my daughter. Wish it was mine!
  17. Sondors Fold in Salt Lake City So we received our Sondors Fold and had a great first week riding it. However our charger appears to be faulty. Sondors support has been great and quick to act but a replacement will not be here before Monday when my kid was really hoping to ride her new bike to the first day of school. So my question is, are there any other Fold owners in Salt Lake City who might let us charge her battery for a couple of hours this weekend? Thanks in advance for any consideration. Kinslow
  18. Hello from El Cajon, California! Hi all! My name is Alex and for those that don't know where El Cajon is, it is a city that is just east of San Diego, CA with awesome backroads to ride. I'm an ebike newbie and ordered the very basic Fold and says it should be here in August. Besides the great video on the Fold which got me hooked, I think the main reason I wanted the Fold is due to the 20" wheels. You see, ever since I was a little kid I had always wanted a banana seat 20" wheeled bike or better yet a Krate bike with a 20" wheel in back and 12" wheel in front. Well my very first bike t
  19. Folds are in... Few bikes delivered Unboxing... Screw mounts for racks.. Needs to be removed to mount bars... No issue with seat height for short people.. Jacks style Serial number location Front cabe needs to be trimmed
  20. Sondors instead of a car I've been too cheap to buy a car due to ongoing costs of insurance, maintenance, gas so I mostly carpool or bike to where I want to go. I live in new england so this makes it a bit difficult in the winter due to snow and ice and I plan on joining workaway programs which means I travel the world for work/stay. I finally decided it's time to buy something that I can use to get around that is self powered and I don't have to register or need a license to drive. I'm looking at the upcoming Sondors X model because I don't want to skimp and I it is easily u
  21. Well, Storm just got back in town from being overseas, so they are swamped, and are working on getting the page updated so you can order the bike. Also there will be many options available for the fatty and thin as well, so there trying to get those up as well. The current goal is to take orders with an option to pay shipping cost when the bikes are ready instead of up front and expect 3 month wait. The current system in place they'd usually have ordered additional bikes with their orders to the factory will end, because of the added expense and managing. For the future, they are looking to go
  22. Sondors Fold Does anyone know what the price of the new Sondors Fold is going to be?
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