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Found 8 results

  1. Aloha, Just wanted to introduce myself...I’m awaiting my new bike this September 2019. I would like to ask two things right now before my bike arrives. 1. Are there different fenders available that may be nicer than the fenders on website. 2.I want to get a good lockup device as I expect to bring it to the beach often. Mahalo!
  2. Hello everyone! We just came across this amazing forum because we got a lot of orders and enquiries for our UNIMOKE fenders that happen to fit the Sondors Fold quite nicely. So we would be interested to intensify the connection, as many UNIMOKE owners have Folds as a secondary e-bike for theirs kids... Would it be helpful if we could offer a more Sondors adapted mounting kit? Very best, Ossian Urban Drivestyle, Berlin
  3. I bought a set of black plastic fenders from Wish.com for $3.40 plus $3.00 shipping. I think they look good but a little flimsy but hey for $6.40 you can't go wrong!
  4. Fenders for your Sondors eBike Collection of Fenders for your Sondors eBike - click the link to see detailed product description and price. Fat Tire Cruiser Bicycle Fender Kit - Front and Rear: buy on ebay Topeak DeFender M1 and XC11 Bike Fender Set fits MTB 29-Inch Tires: buy on Amazon Got more? Post them down below!
  5. Fenders/Mud Guards I am a new Sondors Fat Tire owner and I have been reading the forums and searching online for fenders. No luck, every online vendor is "Sold Out" "No Longer Available" or "Out of Stock". With some deeper digging I discovered Portland Design Works and their "Dave's Mud Shovels". Just what I was looking for, light weight, sturdy, easy to install, look great and cover the 4.9" tires. You can reach them at: https://ridepdw.com/ or 503-234-7257 They are great folks, quick (arrived in 3 days) and very reasonable, $20 for the front and $28 for the rear. I would highly recommend you consider, easy on and off if you don't want to leave them on, no tools required.
  6. I washed my Sondors Thin I did some unintention "mudding" with my bike. Tires were very muddy, and the fenders had done their job. I washed it without regard to the battery, electronics, etc. I used a very dilute solution of tap water and dishwashing soap. I concentrated on the tires and wheels. Soap solution did drip on the brakes, but I did not purposely wash them. Naturally, I did avoid getting rinse water purposely on the battery box and upper parts of the bike. Some did end up onto the box due to the upward spraying up into the fenders. Only a few drops of water were discovered inside the box, and not in critical areas. I'm much less nervous about washing the bike now. I won't leave the battery in next time, however! A reply consisting of chastisement is not necessary. ? Bryan Lovejoy, Katy, Texas USA
  7. See attachments for how-to attached fenders to a Sondors eBike with and without suspension forks. Here is a video on how to attach the rear fender: The images as downloadable pdf files: SuspensionFork_FrontFenders.pdf NonSuspensionFork_Fenders.pdf
  8. Nice, i got my fenders for my sondors bikr. Only to found out that they didnt drill hole in it vrom velomobile shop. No i have to guess where the holes should be. Nice
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