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  1. The Nightly Fold X Report I got to ride some more on Buffy's Fold X tonight. This was my first real ride after altering the LCD programing. Testing has now shown a stock Fold X with nothing more than Program changes to the LCD can do 23 mph on a flat, hot off the charger with no pedaling. You might be able to pedal assist to 25 but you'll look like a human egg beater doing it . With the slightest of advantage, such as a light tailwind, or downhill grade, 25 mph is easily attainable without pedaling, and I saw it do that several times. Another area I got to explore was handling. Since I hav
  2. 495 Miles on my Thin Time to share my experience. Still impressed by the Sondors Thin! My hope was that it would allow me to commute to work (6.2 miles one way) without feeling like I was going to die when I got home. The heat and humidity of the Southeast Texas summers are an absolute killer as far as bicycling goes. My temperature limit with my human powered bicycle was 82°F. Now with the Sondors, I've been up to 88 a few times now. I'm hoping for 92 degrees. The single physical speed is well chosen. If I lived back in Wisconsin, I wouldn't be happy with just one. My next electr
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