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Found 8 results

  1. battery ah advice if i had a custom battery thats 36v 26ah, with pedal assit at 1 or 2, does it sound right that i should be able to get at least 180-300 ride time????
  2. Does anybody know what the LCD settings would be for this set up? 48v 1500W motor 35a Controller 48v 20.3ah Battery Thanks in advance!
  3. Sondors in Puerto Vallarta Hola Sondors community! Here I am in sunny Puerto Vallarta, waiting for my next visitor to bring me my brand-new bike. There's been a delay as I did not realize that the Airlines would not transport the bicycle with the battery. When I when I arrived however, they took the bike in, checked me in and put me on the flight. I didn't find out that my Sondors Custom Aluminium would not be joining me on the flight until after the doors of the airplane had already been shut. Imagine you are a kid coming downstairs on December 25th, to find out your parents converted to Russian Orthodox and Christmas is on January 7th now. Times five. Rather than shipping the current battery from California to Puerto Vallarta, I have decided to just order an upgraded battery and controller and have those shipped by the seller. Now, my next question has to be, what battery will best compliment my upgrade needs? I live on a hill about five blocks from the beach and need to get up that hill at the end of each ride. I'm in the Old Town part of PV, which adds cobblestones to the mix, which I'm hoping the fat tires will mitigate. I'm thinking I will want to upgrade the rear hub motor to a 750, any suggestion as to which battery I should order with that in mind? Since much of my riding is on cobblestones, will I need upgraded forks? I'm grateful to have this great forum and to now be a member of the Sondors community. As soon as both battery and bike make it here, I will get some drone footage of the Sondors on the Beach. Todd
  4. Assembling my new Custom Hi everyone, I'm from Western Massachusetts, let's just say the Springfield area. I've ridden a regular bike on weekends in the warm weather for 30+ years. I became aware of the Sondors when a friend sent me a video that his friend made to show off his new Sondors. Just received a new Black/Yellow Custom yesterday. Started assembly, trying to finish up today- it's going to rain all day today anyway so I won't bring it outside for a ride. Got a few questions the Sondors assembly videos don't seem to address. The front fork (standard) is not tightened up on the headset (if I got the terminology right, never had to deal with this before). At the top of the stem there is an Allen Screw. I tightened it up and this helped, but the fork can still be turned if I hold the stem. I'm a little reluctant to really crank down on it before I check with someone. I don't know how to be sure the fork is perfectly aligned when the handlebars are straight ahead. EDIT: I found the "How to Assemble Your Sondors Electric Bike" thread and it addresses the front wheel alignment. I started charging the battery this morning, hoping the weather will clear for a test run this weekend. I do wonder where I would mount a water bottle bracket on this thing. Looks like a bike rack might be needed? Thanks for any help!
  5. Magnetic battery connector Hello sondors community, today I was cleaning my house and I stumbled across a "massage wand" with a magnetic electric charge port and I thought the biggest pain with swapping batteries was unplugging that bulky charge port. It would have to be a powerful enough magnet to not separate while riding but I don't think that would be a huge issue. I just thought it would be a more streamlined idea I just thought up. Any technical advice on this would be greatly fascinating!
  6. Hello everyone. I am super stoked because not 5 minutes ago I pulled the trigger on a Custom Black/Black, Steel with Suspension Fork! I am from the Portland Oregon Area. I am looking forward to bike and community.
  7. I live in Dublin, Ireland and I have just taken delivery of a Sondors aluminium frame suspension forks bike and I am amazed at the size of the 4.9 tyres. I will be doing some riding on the beach but mainly on tarmac and dirt road and would like to reduce the size of the tyres & tubes to around 3 or 3.5. Can anyone tell me whats the smallest tyre I could fit and any recommendations on tyres/tubes that I could purchase online that would more suit my needs? Thanks.
  8. This is an idea that's long overdue. Anyone who has spent hours on a bicycle can testify as to what they have found to best fit their Butt. The generic Sondors seat is the first thing I changed on mine because I have developed preferences over thousands of miles and decades of cycling. The Selle Atalia Turbo had long been my favorite but in more recent years I found that the Fizik Aliante was my preference. Most good bicycle shops have loaners of several styles that you can tryout to see what best kisses your bum. Here is a new company that will custom build a saddle to your design specifications and a shape to match your anatomy. www.Meld3d.com
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