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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys New here, but not to Sondors (own 3). Looking for replacement high-quality cranks with 40 Teeth (original size). I've searched and searched and it seems impossible to find! I don't want the orginal parts as they don't stand up to the use we give the bikes. I also don't wish to go with a larger or smaller chainring as 40 is a perfect balance for our riding. I've tried epoxy to stop the clicking, but it only lasted 10 minutes. Thanks VERY MUCH for any and all insite. I can't be the only one with this problem.
  2. Anyone have a OEM 40T crankset for sale? Hello! I'm new to the forums, just got my Fold X last month and am loving it! After reading some of these posts, it seems like many people have swapped out their crankset for one with a LARGER chainring — ironically I want to do the opposite!! (I want to lower my gearing) Would anyone that has upgraded their crankset be willing to sell me their original 40T one? The Fold X comes with a 44T crankset, so it would make a difference for me (I realize you can order one from their site but I don't want to wait another 2 months just for this!)
  3. My Sondors Thin recently started making a horrible grinding sound while I'm pedaling. My guess was that the chain was rubbing against the chain guard but a local bike shop guy convinced me that the chain needed to be replaced. After paying him to do that the noise persisted. Now he's guessing that the bottom bracket needs replacement. I don't see that part on the Sondors site. Ideas or suggestions welcomed! If none, please direct me to that part or to a Sondor's users recommended bike shop near me (90034). Thanks!
  4. Can't get crankset off Someone put the belt on too tight on my Thin so I need to change the bearings. I can't get the crank set off. I have a crank puller, pounded on the crankset, and done about all I can think. Any other suggestions? Anyone else having this problem?
  5. How do I install the missing magnet wheel? I contacted Sondors about my missing magnet disk and they are sending one at no cost (of course!). I also ordered the 12 magnet one that was recommended. Either way I realize I need to disassemble the crank assembly in order to install the disk. I never dealt with this and I read there are several types of cranksets out there. What do I need for the Sondors (Fat)? Do I need a crank puller tool to make it easier or should I just take it to a bike shop? I may have problems fitting the bike in my car....
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