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  1. I bought my girlfriend a single speed Thin a year ago. When she powers it up, it always starts in the second level of assistance rather than "zero". This has caused several unfortunate situations as the crank tends to rotate when pushing the bike to park or remove from a bike rack and the sensor recognizes the rotation and wants to put it into motion. This happens even when you "downshift" back to zero before shutting off the main power; at re-start its back at 2. My bike has an aftermarket controller and it will start at 0 when I power it back up. Is this an option using the stock contro
  2. Hi I've just bought a pre owned fat bike, not sure of the exact model but it has the "Wendy" led controller. I inverted the bike to swap brake pads (being careful not to damage the controller) but it began to rain very heavily so I left it in situ and when I came back to the bike after a day or so I couldn't start it, yes the battery was charged? The screen was completely blank, no led's on the throttle. then after 24hours the lcd screen showed the 'boxes' where the information should be but just the boxes no actual information, this screen is visible even with the battery remov
  3. Can stock controller handle 48V? Can the stock controller handle a 48V battery? I guess fully-charged it can get as high as 54V. What would happen if a 48V battery was installed without changing the stock controller? Would the controller melt? Short out? Put out a motor sine wave that's clipped? Ruin the motor? Or would it handle it and there would be no problems? Has anyone tried this?
  4. Last week, I had a chance to ride my daughter's Fold X 7, as the ground still had quite a lot of unmelted snow. It didn't ride as well on top of the snow as I had hoped, but it is much better than my other bikes for sure. Anyways, while plowing through the snow packs, I've found her throttle literally is like an on/off switch. It was nearly impossible to modulate the motor assist level other than mostly on or off. I've tried different PAS levels, but the behavior didn't change. Is there an LCD user setting to change this?
  5. I have had my Sondors Thin for about a year now & use it daily to get to work/home. I started noticing the bike was having trouble staying at full speed when the battery was running low a few months ago, it would keep me running at 19 instead of the full 20 when the battery was at about a quarter charge left(one bar on the screens battery indicator). Since then it has gotten progressively worse and is now down to only holding me at 16 with a low battery, when the battery is full the bike performs like it did straight out of the box but only for the first quarter of the battery or so. I
  6. Programming the Sondors controller using PC and USB cable Has anyone tried using a PC to program (change the settings of) the controller using a USB cable? I can program my BBSHD controller that way without using the display/console/dashboard.
  7. Sondors new x fat bike Does anyone know what the controller size is on the new sondors x with the 48v battery?
  8. Controller making noise & very low power Having some trouble with my Fat Tire. On a fully charged battery, the bike barely has any pulling power, and there's a noise coming from the controller. Do I need to replace the controller on this unit? Any suggestions for shops in Los Angeles that are familiar with these? Video of the problem: IMG_4416.MOV
  9. Thin w/ display takes off by itself! This has happened more than three times so far: I'm off the bike and holding the bars and it suddenly goes full throttle! The first time it happened I just assumed I accidentally hit the throttle, but when it happened again I realized it was doing it on its own. I'm getting used to always having my hand on the brake to cut the motor when it wheelies. Any ideas what to check? Throttle? Display? -Dave (stock Thin w/ Sondors display)
  10. triangle dimensions anyone know the dimensions exactly...and/or have a cad they can send me?
  11. Magnetic battery connector Hello sondors community, today I was cleaning my house and I stumbled across a "massage wand" with a magnetic electric charge port and I thought the biggest pain with swapping batteries was unplugging that bulky charge port. It would have to be a powerful enough magnet to not separate while riding but I don't think that would be a huge issue. I just thought it would be a more streamlined idea I just thought up. Any technical advice on this would be greatly fascinating!
  12. Hey guys so I have a question I hope you can help me with. I got an original fat bike last year (no LCD) and added the official Sondors LCD after. I love the bike, especially with the LCD, but I live in a hilly area and it lacks power on climbs, especially with my 185lb butt with a full backpack on it. I think a higher current controller might help the situation, but I understand there are some compatibility issues with the Sondors LCD and the controllers Luna cycles sells. Does anybody know how to identify what controller/LCD combo I have so I can look for a stronger controller that will
  13. I love my original. I have about 500 miles on it so far. Bought a 4.0 for the wife. Question, does it seem like PAS performance degrades as battery voltage drops? I can understand a drop in throttle response as there is less voltage available to produce maximum torque. But the PAS should be tuned to minimum cut out voltage so that the assistance remains the same through out a battery cycle. It's basically a question of blending torque and speed control on a DC motor with varying voltage available. Or am I imagining the whole thing? Sorry, I used to do this for a living (on
  14. Controller Upgrade Risks? Hi All, I have a Sondors V2 fat with the 36v/12.8ah battery. I want to put the Luna Cycles 25a upgraded controller on it with Luna Cycles LCD screen. I know this will give me more power, but what are the risks to the motor? The motor is supposed to be pretty tough. But I risk burning it out? What would do it? Riding up a long hill? Like for a mile? Or like for a couple hundred yards? I weigh 195 lbs... thanks.
  15. Solutions how to mount your 20A Controller without any problems. You can see there is a size difference between the Stock Controller and the 20A Controller. This mean you cannot mount it properly. Solutions: Use (heavy duty) Velcro Tape. One flange 3m dual lock Possible 20A Velcro mount: Questions or other recommendations to mount? ↓
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