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Found 7 results

  1. I got home after a ride 2 days ago and my battery was down to 20% so I plugged it in to charge but the charger light stayed green and the battery was not taking a charge? I contacted Sondors tech service ( Sean ) and he emailed me back that it was probably a blown fuse in the battery. A 90% chance that was the issue he said. Has anyone checked and or replaced the battery fuse on their Fold X ?? I am pretty handy with electrical fixes so if it is not too difficult or VOIDS the warranty I am glad to do it myself and save the time involved with shipping the battery & charger in for service. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated. Felipe in B’ham
  2. Grant Cook

    New bike, no charge.

    I have owned a Sondors Thin for 24 hours after 6 months of thinking about it and 3 months of waiting for delivery. Assembled,plugged battery in (green light). They charged it at the factory? Thanks! Twenty fun miles later the battery won't charge and I am deep in buyer 's remorse. What should I do? Green light but the battery is down to one bar.
  3. I would like to confirm if the attached is the right charger for a Sondors Original (fat bike) from Oct 2015. I haven't used the bike at all and parts were lost/misplaced when I moved. Any help/insight would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi there, I hadn't used my sondors thin bike for about 3 months, and when I went back to charge it, the plug sparked when I put it in the battery, and will not charge. I bought a replacement charger, (not a sondors official charger but a charger with similar specs) but it will not recharge. The battery still holds charge from when I had charged it prior to the 3 months, but will not accumulate charge now. Any suggestions? Should I purchase a sondors official charger? Or is it a battery issue? Thanks! Edit: After checking the fuse, its seems to be still intact. Any ideas?
  5. Sondors Fold Charger Not Working Just received the Fold and after four or five days we have gone to charge it for the first time and it will not charge. Charging with the battery off the bike. The charger light is always green even though the batter is depleted (shows one bar on the LCD display). Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  6. Sondors Fold in Salt Lake City So we received our Sondors Fold and had a great first week riding it. However our charger appears to be faulty. Sondors support has been great and quick to act but a replacement will not be here before Monday when my kid was really hoping to ride her new bike to the first day of school. So my question is, are there any other Fold owners in Salt Lake City who might let us charge her battery for a couple of hours this weekend? Thanks in advance for any consideration. Kinslow
  7. How long should I expect to wait to receive a battery charger ordered from Sondors site?

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