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Found 10 results

  1. After upgrading the front crankset, rear freewheel, (53/17 final gear ratio), chain, LT48 battery, 20-amp controller and display the bike was a beast. Easily commuting to work at 26-27mph and hitting 28-29+ with a bit more effort. The issue was at those speeds in LA traffic I needed the ability to stop fast too. And re-adjusting my brakes every ~2-3 weeks was also getting annoying. The solution was new tires, hydraulic brakes, and Rotors. Here's what I got: -- Rotors: Shimano Deore RT66 180mm 6-Bolt Disc Rotor Brakes: PASION E BIKE MTB Hydraulic Disc Cut Off Power Brake E-Bike
  2. I am attempting to install Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes. I have a few issues and if you've made this upgrade, I would appreciate your advice. The hydraulic cables come pre-installed, how do I get the cables through the closed cable guides that are welded to the bike? Can I just remove the cables and slide them through without getting brake fluid all over the place? How do you adjust these brakes? The advertised "15 minute install" is making me feel pretty lame. Thank you!
  3. Commute to and from work... haul propane gas water & groceries uphill for my dry off grid cabin... Year round... In Alaska. Thank you Sondors... Amazing vehicle... Bravo!
  4. Hi all, I'm still waiting for my bike (Silver European spec Sondors X) to turn up, but as I have grand plans to tweak it, the stock brakes, rotors and levers won't even make it on to the bike. Thus, if anyone is interested, just private message me I guess, and I'll edit this post and/or simply post an update if/when they are no longer available.
  5. hi, i just crashed my sondos thin. the crash broke one of my brakes: see picture. and now i need a replacement. most links to brakes here are to american shops. can somebody send me some links to brakes from european shops, because i don´t want to wait so long for the new ones. which specs do the brakes need to have that they would work for the sondors thin? ps. this post is all in lower case, because it hurts if i move my left arm
  6. Brake light system I completed my prototype brake light system a few weeks ago and just made a quick video demonstrating it. I'm curious if others would be interested in a polished version of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWdGi-8JsaI I'm using real Higo connectors so it is plug and play into the brake wires without modification. My prototype uses a separate 12v converter (I will also be powering a horn) but I will design it to be powered directly from any battery 30-60v. The tail light has a solid low light with occasional blink when powered, and go
  7. Hi guys Been wondering if there's is any solution for mounting a cut off sensor to an existing brake system. I now Wendy has a solution for bafang mid engine kits, but I don't know if its Compatible with the sondors. Im looking in to this because I want to mount a set of tekro hdc 330 hydraulic brakes to the bike but still maintain the engine cut off function?
  8. My bike arrived yesterday! After the momentous task of unboxing, and then assembly, first step was brake adjustment. The rear brakes were only rubbing in one spot and easily fixed by bending the disc slightly. The front brakes were continuously rubbing, and thanks to the excellent videos I adjusted them with a business card and squeezing to center them. The wheel now spins freely. But as I close the caliper, the pads are grabbing on all the holes on the disk themselves and making a very disturbing clunking and grinding sound. If you spin turn the wheel at that point you can feel it grab at eac
  9. Hi all, Im debating on how to upgrade my fattie when it arrives next year and a big one I hear on a lot of reviews of the Sondors is that the 160mm is just ok. I'm looking into how to upgrade them to 180mm Shimano rotors after it arrives. Has anyone else made this kind of upgrade? Is it worth the investment of the $200 to make the brakes stop on a dime for a city rider? I'll be riding in shared city streets on my ride Thanks all!
  10. What does this mean? Do I need o adjust something? It works fine but the front brake makes lots of noise. Bob
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