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Found 9 results

  1. The purpose of this thread is to display the various parts of the Sondors Original electric bicycle. These diagrams are meant to annotate all parts on the Sondors Original ebike with an eye towards defining terms for the complete beginner. Have a suggestion for improvement? Post a question in the forum so all can see and contribute. This thread is a reference work that is closed to replies to keep it tidy. Try clicking on an image and bring it up in a new window. These started out life as high resolution images and can be seen larger in their native format. The Frame Here we point out common terms for the Sondors frame. These terms are common to all bicycles and ebikes, and you can use these terms in any discussion of cycling, anywhere. Bicycle Components Here we list the parts attached to the frame, above. We can't point to every single part but we have hit all of the highlights Components - Rear Zooming in on the back to label a few things not easily visible in the full bike view. Components - Front Zooming in on the front axle area to see some details on the brakes. More importantly, if someone wants to see your Sondors' nipples you don't necessarily need to call the police. Components - Middle Now you know the bottom bracket means two things depending on what you are pointing at. And the 'spindle' is the axle of the cranks, and hold on the crank arm via the crank bolt (which takes an 8mm hex key wrench that you should check every so often to ensure it is still at about 35 ft lbs of torque). Plus with this enlarged view we can see the 2-pieces that make up the PAS system a lot better.
  2. hi, i just crashed my sondos thin. the crash broke one of my brakes: see picture. and now i need a replacement. most links to brakes here are to american shops. can somebody send me some links to brakes from european shops, because i don´t want to wait so long for the new ones. which specs do the brakes need to have that they would work for the sondors thin? ps. this post is all in lower case, because it hurts if i move my left arm
  3. Hi I recieved my sondors thin bike about three weeks ago and until now I fucking love it I´ve been driving around a lot, but in germany it is not really to drive around without things like insurance or number plate, if you have a vehicle that can go this fast without pedalling. The police has no way of noticing that my bike set up isn´t totally legal, so usually I would have no problem just continuing just riding around like this. But I was thinking about making a review of this bike on my channel and since I have over 100K subs I thought I maybe should get all the things done so that I can drive around legally. So to all the German Sondors bike owners who are driving around legally: How did you exactly do it step by step? I would be really thankful, if you could send some links to your instructions with the exact bike insurance you have or where you got the number plate from etc. And does someone know what the penatly is on driving around like this. If it´s not too high I´d maybe risk not getting all this done.^^ Ps: Of course everything I just said is made up. I would never do something illegal, because it is against the law, so it´s bad, mkay
  4. New batch of SOndors April 2017 Hey everyone. I'm a pro surfer from southern california, and am ready to get a fat tire condors bike for a few surf spots that have a long commute via trail. Although Sondors is sold out of the bike I want, it says they will be available for pre-order in April of 2017, which it now is. Does anyone know anything more about when and if they will be newer models or the same? I also am wondering if I should get an aluminum frame or steel? My bike will be ridden on the beach so it will be in salty beach air and want to avoid rust but don't want to lose strength in the frame.
  5. Missed the first beach ride? Don't worry, Sorin Marius and I got your back, here are videos and images from the ride Looking for more? Take a look: (click me) Want to participate next time? Have a look at our calendar, more will follow soon. & Don't forget to pin yourself on the member map!
  6. Hi, since I got my sondors bike, it makes a weird crackling/squeeking noise while pedaling. Is that normal? Does your Sondors make the same noise? And if it´s not normal do you have any idea, how it goes away? The funny thing is: The noise stopps after I drive a certain speed. It is particularly loud when I don´t drive that fast. Here is a video in which you hear the noise:
  7. Does anyone know how to safely remove the Sondors logo from the side panels? I'm looking to add some vinyl graphics and unfortunately the logo is sort of in the way. I'll still be reping the Sondors name on my suspension forks! Thanks
  8. Hello all. My story is pretty simple. I'm a computer-nerd / tech-geek since childhood and I've always found the concept of a motorized bicycle a neat idea. I've always wanted to own an eBike, but most of them available in Germany were waaay too expensive for my small wallet; paying several thousands of Euros was just a no-go. About two years ago, I had made myself familiar with crowdfunding. The main reasone had been to support a digital artist who wanted to publish a comic book, but after having my first contact to the IngieGoGo site, I got curious (of course) and started browsing the vast content offered, especially the technologies-section. And well, it was about to happen: I stumbled over the Sondors campaign! The concept of a fat-bike was absolutely new to me; I had never seen one before. As soon as I saw the first picture of the IGG Sondors, I instantly fell in love. I wasn't just fascinated about the concept of a fat-bike (that would have been enough for me to hit the "get that perk" button, it also was an eBike! After realizing the affordable price, the decision was made and I backed the campagin by buying the appropriate perk. This was the point where I started to make myself familiar with the laws and complex regulations for eBikes here in Germany, and I quickly relaized that I'd had some obstacles to take in order to ride the Sonors e-bike (almost) legally here at home. Well, I think I got it almost sorted out, but there are still some loose ends to fix; I'll talk about that specific issue later on. I also started to gather information about the parts used by Sondors, especially their origin. I wasn't really surprised to learn that all of the parts used in the Sondors eBike were from chinese manufacturers (which is not a bad thing at all, just to make that clear) ... I mean: Reallity Check! That's where the highly affordable price has its origin. But as I said, that's totally OK, it was a very interesting process to learn about all of those topics. To cut a long story short: I backed, I waited (patience is a virtue after all), I hoped, and finally I GOT my bike at the end of 2015. I did some small modifications to the bike, but finally decided to keep it that way and just RIDE it. Here are some pictures: I think I got it managed to setup the bike to ride it 90% legally here in Germany: Head lamp Backing light Front, rear and side reflectors Driving mirror Bicycle bell Turn signals (wing lights) License plate (oh yes, the Sondors in its original setup has to be insured here in Germany) (lapsed, see below) Speed limiter (through the LCD) The remaining 10% which remain unsolved / unclear are: I actually would need a EU compliant type approval document (an operating permit) provided by the manufacturer I actually would need to wear a motorcycle helmet instead of a bicycle helmet (yeah...right) I mainly use my Sondors in urban environments, such as for riding to work and back again, when the weather is nice. I try avoid riding it when it's raining. I haven't made longer rides, yet, but a wanna try to max out the battery range capacity sometime. I also plan to register my bike at my local police office, to enable them to have a chance to find the bike if it gets stolen. Since fat-bikes and especially the Sondors are extremely rare in Germany, they might have a good chance to track it down. That's all for now, folks. Thanks for dropping by! UPDATE: Bye bye license plate, bye bye insurance. Those friggin' updated EU regulations ...
  9. Hi, I'm from Germany and I orderd yesterday a fat bike, i think so, because im not sure if have chosen the right one could someone confirm that the bike i've ordered is the right one and when will it be shipped? thank you Sondors eBike - EU, CHE, NOR - BLACK/YELLOW Artikelnr. SKU_40 , BLACK/YELLOW Options *EU, CHE, NOR*: BLACK/YELLOW SONDORS Original $664,00 USD 1 $664,00 USD
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