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Found 2 results

  1. While riding bike it loses all power, bike only has 50 miles on it, sorry for long story below, tried to give all details, Bike is new, and I do not know what’s normal . Something does not seem right. Looking for everyone’s thoughts to understand if I have problem or this is normal. 100% charged battery I was on the bike for 3 miles, power assist 5, pedaling to assist, no pressing of throttle , speed 20 mph, very, minimal hills, had just coasted down a downhill at 25 mph, came to a stop at an intersection, when light turned green, I took off with throttle and bike lost power in 10ft, LCD shut off. I tried to turn on LCD, did not work. I cycled the power switch, did not work. Shut power off, rode for a mile thinking a thermal protector maybe cut off power, did not work. I folded the bike to totally disconnecting battery, looking for a reset button, did not see one, put bike together, it powered up. this worked, for a short time until I touched the button for LCD and power cut again. Disconnected battery again and all was good. UP TO THIS POINT I DO NOT FEEL I WAS PUSHING BIKE HARD I did not touch LCD after it powered up, Pedal assist was at 2, went 10 miles, throttle pressed max, pedaling hard, minor hills here and there, I was behind schedule now (Friday night out with WIFEY and was already late, you know how it is) no further issue to this point. THIS 10 MILES I FEEL I DID PUSH THE BIKE REASONABLY HARD. I got to the final 1/4 mile steep grade to my home Battery was at 4 bars at start of grade, I decided to move LCD to 5, maximum assist, i did not loose power. Pressed up the hill, speed decreased to 9MPH, near top, lost power again, I pushed bike to top, and put it away, without making an effort to get it working, several hours later went out and it powered up fine.
  2. Battery and LCD Hello...I just started using my new Sondors Fold and I'm having trouble figuring out to see if the bike is charging correctly. Helen's cycle assembled the bike for me and connected the LCD. I charged the battery the entire night but it shows no charge when I turn it on and the screen shows flashing "01 info". I followed the instructions to adjust the LCD on YouTube but my LCD goes back to the same flashing 01 info. When I start to adjust the settings, the battery shows that it's full. But when I'm not on the setting mode, battery is empty. Please help. Thanks!
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