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Found 4 results

  1. Can stock controller handle 48V? Can the stock controller handle a 48V battery? I guess fully-charged it can get as high as 54V. What would happen if a 48V battery was installed without changing the stock controller? Would the controller melt? Short out? Put out a motor sine wave that's clipped? Ruin the motor? Or would it handle it and there would be no problems? Has anyone tried this?
  2. Living way out in the suburbs, I need more range to get anywhere fun in this town. I decided to chuck the little 8.8 ah bottle battery, and install a triangle battery, and while I'm at it, why not over volt it to 48v? You can find these triangles in different ah ratings. 20 ah would probably be more than enough for most people, but I opted for the 30 ah 48v. Physical size is exactly the same whether 20, 25, or 30 ah. Right off the bat, your biggest obstacle is relocating the controller, which will be in the way. I decided to mount mine on the seat post tube, between the seat post and the tire. A good alternative position would be on the front down tube. In either position you should be able to mount the stock controller without cutting any wires. I used some left over mounts from a china girl motor bicycle kit to mount my controller. Next you'll need to fabricate a support to hold the battery weight off of the plastic box. This was pretty easy compared to mounting the controller. I used a piece of aluminum raw stock, a couple of washers used as spacers to lift the support to the proper height, and a couple button head bolts to hold it to the down tube, same as the stock battery cradle.
  3. Does anybody know what the LCD settings would be for this set up? 48v 1500W motor 35a Controller 48v 20.3ah Battery Thanks in advance!
  4. Sondors THIN battery upgrade Hi all Sondors THIN owners, Anyone sucessfully found and installed a non-stock battery on a Sondors THIN? If so, I would sure love to hear about it, and see some pictures of what you did and how. The point for me, would be to upgrade from 36v stock battery to, say, a 48v/20a pack. But it needs to fit the plastic box on the bike, of course.... I know that both Luna and Velo websites sell Sondors battery upgrades (both 48 and 50v) but theyre made for the Fatbike, and the battery is different on the THIN. Namely, on the THIN, it is not a bottle-style battery, but rather a neat looking triangular box that clicks in and out of place, with a key to lock it in. This means that the plastic mounts and reinforcements inside the plastic box on the bike are different, and take up space differently (and moreso!) than on the Fatbike - as far as I can tell. Also, I think that maybe the plastic box on the THIN is actually a little bit slimmer that it is on the Fatbike to begin with, is that right? So all in all, I dont think the Luna and Velo batteries will fit the THIN bikes. Sadly. BUT there may be other options out there - e.g. from the numerous chinese sellers online. Or maybe Luna or others have plans to make something for the THIN bikes in future? Any and all input on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JKS
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