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  1. Yeah MoneyPit. Getting the bling on! Thomson is the gold standard for cycling bits. It is a shame they don't make more stuff. The goal with this bike is to be as minimialist/simple. I forked out 850$ shipped so I don't want to spend a ton more on accessories but I do see value adding certain accessories from the onset. I appreciate the info on the tires. I will look into the Vee8s more. I am debating between the stock tires and Vee Speedster 26 x 3.5 with more air for less rolling resistance. I'm not racing anyone nor planning on trying to rip through corners on the pavement so the grip/traction of a higher inflated tire isn't to concerning. Since the stock tires come with the bike I may end up with them unless I can sell them. Did you upgrade your rotors to 180mm? Slowing/stopping a 60 pound beast is certainly something I want to be sure the brakes will do. There are a couple short hills to get to the beach from my house so braking power is on my radar. Did you have to upgrade your calipers or just the hanger/brackets? Yeah I'm gonna be going through everything in the headset and crank before riding. I am going to do titanium to help fend off any rust - whether surface/superficial or not. The wheels are a slight concern since the spokes seem to be semi thin (14 or 15 gauge). I will make sure they are true and torqued prior to riding.
  2. I ordered a Sondors OG - steel frame, 4.9" tires, LCD - and plan on using it to commute to the beach to surf, ride around town for errands, and hopefully bring it with me on many adventures. It will spend the vast majority of its life in the sand and salty sea air. I opted for steel because if damage occurs, it can be repaired more easily without much concern of structural integrity. I plan on giving it a thorough once over before I take it on its maiden voyage. Here is what I plan on doing: -applying frame saver to the frame -checking/truing wheels -greasing all bolts, torquing to spec -grease BB -dipping the chain in molten speed wax I would like to make some upgrades to my bike. Here is the beginning of my wishlist: -titanium hardware (rotor bolts, caliper bolts, stem bolts, seatpost clamp bolt, crank bolts, etc) -upgrade the seatpost and clamp (thomson or nice carbon post) -new tires - vee rubber speedster or equivalent tire 26 x 3.5. I think the 4.9 tire would be nice for loose dirt or long sand rides but the majority of my riding will be on pavement or packed dirt Has anyone mounted a surfboard rack on there Sondors bike? I saw some with a carver surf rack but I currently have the MBB rack on my cruiser. Will the MBB rack hardware clear the headtube? What tires do you like and why? I think the vee rubber speedster or sunlite crusher tires are a good compromise for light dirt and pavement use but I also like the tires from the Electra Cruiser Lux Fat Tire bike. The tires on the electra may struggle in the loose/sandy stuff though.
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