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  1. Wild rides with a Sondors
  2. used not to need....law changed on oct 1-2016, so I am curious for the one's who had an insurance in the past, do they get a new one? Are the insurance companies going to ask for a COC? Or ignore European law?
  3. It is not the speed, not the power of the engine: it is the throttle that makes the ebike now a small motorbike. And for a motorbike you need a COC for the insurance. My insurance company pointed out that when I should be involved in an accident , no matter I am victim or not, I will be hold completely responsible, meaning I will have to pay all the fees, hospitalisation, damage, etc.. This can destroy one life completely... On this moment the only way to avoid this: CRIPPLE YOUR SONDORS: remove the throttle and put a speed limit of 25 km/H
  4. Belgium: I got my Sondors in December. And my insurance company could not give me an insurance because there is no COC paper for the bike. (Before the new rules they could insure the bike without COC paper.) My insurance company pointed out that driving an illegal vehicle ( illegal = no COC) can lead to confiscation and destroying of the vehicle. More danger is when you are involved in an accident, you always will be responsible, and you can loose all you have.....
  5. sorry it is in Dutch language: http://www.fietsersbond.be/de-nieuwe-wetgeving-rond-de-snelle-elektrische-fiets-een-notendop from government: http://mobilit.belgium.be/nl/wegverkeer/wetgeving_en_reglementering/faq_elektrische_fietsen
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  7. batteries for the sondors you can buy cheaper and faster by googling other retailers
  8. if you can do Ikea, you can do Sondors https://www.facebook.com/groups/sondorsEbike/ 50 minutes to build a Sondors, which with the new European law is ILLEGAL in Europe !!!!!!
  9. Sondors outlawed in Europe We have to solve a BIG problem. (Or am I the only European with a SONDORS?). There is a new rule that an e-bike, which can drive without peddling, needs insurance like a small motor bike. To get insurance we need a COC! The European law changed on October 1, 2016. NOW ALL Sondors bike are illegal, will be confiscated by police to be destroyed and the owners will have to pay a big retribution or go to jail. (Yes this is our law). America is not Burundi, so I guess you also need a document for American law to confirm your bike to American safety rules? (In Europe called: certificate of conformity (COC). If you can send me an American document stating your bike is conform US safety rules, I can ask for a European regularization. I think this is very important for the future of the Sondors bike in Europe. You simply can not go on, selling bikes in Europe, knowing they will be confiscated, destroyed, and the owners will be prosecuted for breaking European law.
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