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  1. I put a 750 watt motor in my 350 watt hub but that's as far as I've had it apart
  2. 350 watt vs 750 watt bafang hub motor I have upgraded my sondors fat with a 20 amp controller LCD screen and a 52 volt battery.I'm just starting to receive the parts for a 3 speed conversion my question is I see a bafang 750 watt hub motor that's the same physical size as the 350 watt that comes on our sondors it could be laced right into our wheel or possibly swapped into the 350 watt case just not sure what the gain would be any help will be appreciated Thanks Bart
  3. New suspension I put some New suspension for the sondors I'm old and even though the fat tires are nice I put a suspension seat post and sondors front suspension on the bike it helps absorb the more brutal bumps in the roads. I am surprised how much it raised the bike in the front I have already installed a handlebar extension and brought the neck closer to give me a more up right riding position it's been raining and haven't gotten to ride it with the new forks yet but the install was really easy I will let you know how they work
  4. Just got back from another ride I can tell my legs are getting stronger I can stand up on the pedals a little can't pedal standing up yet but I can adjust my butt on the seat.Having allot of fun doing it
  5. Bionic Man Been riding my first sondors for the last 4 days. A little History on me I'm 57 and a motorcycle fanatic but have been sidelined for about 4 years with a disease called charcot foot it's a nerve disease that kills the nerves in my feet then the nerves let go of the muscles and the muscles let go of the bones so your feet collapse. Iv'e had 9 operations on my feet plus both my knees replaced and I can feel my legs getting weaker and my motorcycle days are numbered. When I ride the sondors I feel like the Bionic Man, the pedal assist multiplies my energy and I can ride all over town.The hardest part is for me to get off the bike my balance isn't that good when I throw my leg over the seat and I feel like I have to return to being mortal again. I love this Bike
  6. Got my first Sondors Got my first Sondors today this one is from ebay ( the guy that bought it went in a different direction) it was assembled and test driven then disassembled.He packed it very well but the frame got a small scratch has anyone ever got any touch up paint it's a yellow bike any help would be appreciated. these bikes are much nicer than the pictures show and bigger as well going to ride it tomorrow and will have more questions then. Not sure when my new Sondors will get here. Thanks in advance
  7. just ordered white fat custom steel with suspension I'm 57 disabled boat mechanic I love riding motorcycles but want to get some exercise also I have problems with my legs so I think the pedal assist will help and if my legs have problems at first the battery can help me get home. I like finding out everything about my hobbies I have 7 motorcycles from trail 70s to a harley ultra classic.I ran across a new sondors fat steel on ebay that I guy got but his wife got him a different ebike before the sondors came in so I made him a deal so I should have that one within a week then when the white one comes in I will start modifying the stock one . looking forward to discussing things with you guys as I get more into this new hobby.
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