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  1. Thanks Reddy. Geopal04 - The rule of thumb is you can only use the specific voltage output charger for your battery and the charger has to be for lithium battery. For example if your battery is a 36v then you need to use a charger specific for a 36v battery only. A 36v charger has a max output of 42v a 52v =58v and a 60v =66v. The label on the charger will tell you the max output. Since the subject here is a 60v battery so it comes with a charger that has a max output of 66v. It doesn't matter how much Ah a battery has, the more the Ah the longer it takes to charge. Yes I can
  2. Manx, email me at electrobikeworld@hotmail.com and we can make this arrangement.
  3. Yes I do have the L60 + 35a 60v controller and LCD 60v in stock ready to ship if you decide to go with this setup. Take your time and let me know on what you decide.
  4. What Matt said, In addition, since we built this bike it currently now has over 2000 miles with no issues. Still runs like a champ! :)
  5. You guys really need to do some research on batteries because people who knows battery knows that it is dangerous to connect 2 batteries together whether it's in series or parallel if they do not have the same voltage and capacity (Ah). The 2 batteries MUST be identical. What happens when you connect 2 batteries that have different specs? The weaker battery will drain first to the point where the voltage becomes zero, at this point the battery will be damage and cannot bring back to life. Here's the danger part, The larger battery will continue to draw from the weaker battery which have alread
  6. Hello Sondors riders! Just want to show you guys and gals the new KT-LCD3 now with a USB port! It still looks the same, functions the same except it now has a USB port in the back so you can charge your phone or power your headlights. Has a 5v output with 2.1amp to charge the latest Samsung & iphones. See more information here https://electrobikeworld.com/products/kt-lcd3-usb
  7. I cut an opening on upper left of box for more air flow. My controller gets barely warm after a long ride in the summer.
  8. The red cells are Sanyo GA which are made from Panasonic. They are the high capacity 3500mAh cells.
  9. Yes I am curious if that pack has 2 different types of cell inside? The red looks like it's a Sanyo but not sure what the blue is.
  10. If you guys are looking for upgrade parts for your Sondors or any ebike, check out www.electrobikeworld.com under Sondors Upgrades. There you will find the best value for your battery needs. All batteries are made with genuine Panasonic or Samsung cells, coupled with high quality BMS and battery charger. Because of this, all of the batteries are back with a 1 year warranty. They also have LCD, controllers and motor upgrades for the Sondors bike. They do custom battery packs, just provide the dimensions and specs, they can build it. Check it out. www.electrobikeworld.com
  11. Hi guys, all of my triangle battery packs will work for the fat tire Sondors. The newest model now use the triangle battery so you'll have to do some cutting of the plastic molding inside to make it fit. My LT48 14Ah triangle battery is the only one that does not need any cutting to fit inside the battery box. I'm working on a 52v 17.5Ah triangle battery that will fit the Sondors X and original fat tire box without any cutting. I should have it available within 2 weeks. If you want a 20.3Ah battery then I recommend getting my L48 or L3. Cutting the plastic is super easy using a dremel to
  12. Sune, You need to switch to a 750w motor and 35a controller in order to install a 7 speed gear. The motor will already have the 7 speed gears. You can find these parts here. https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike I think you need to read this post from a member who have installed this 750w motor and turn his bike into a 7 speed.
  13. Hi Sune, I do not have the derailleur and shifter installed on my bike, currently just running on the 3rd gear as a single speed with my stock chain. These are the components you will need to utilize the 7 speed gears. chain https://www.amazon.com/KMC-Z-72-7-8sp-chain-Brown/dp/B001CN6QA2/ref=pd_bxgy_468_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=KVVE94DTBF3NQMFDCTQ3&dpID=414xthu%2B0kL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=detail Crank with front sprocket https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00642MXLW/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=IJ4ZBQKMJXDUO&colid=HFXSK5QF6SKY Shifter http
  14. Hi Sune, Yes the luna lcd will work. With the setup I mentioned above, you can use this lcd settings. It's optimize for less battery drain with decent amount of power. Cruise control enable, slower pas levels since you have a strong battery, remembers your last pas level, throttle works on pas 0 etc. P1 = 100 P2 = 6 P3 = 1 P4 = 0 P5 = 22 C1 = 02 C2 = 0 C3 = 8 C4 = 3 C5 = 6 C6 = 3 C7 = 1 C8 = 1 C9 = 0 C10 = n C11 = 0 C12 = 4 C13 = 0 C14 = 1
  15. For anyone who is interested in the upgraded parts, you can find it here. https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike
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