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  1. Yup, the cooler keeps the beer from freezing. So you do get snow, but not the frozen lake I imagine. Looks like a great place to live the simple life, when t's cold just throw another dog on the pile. )) My back yard a month ago, snow has all melted now, but historically March is the snowiest month. Cheers, zmot
  2. Thanks for the welcome Tabletteer, Not many bikes out this time of year when it is below zero, hopefully will see more ebikes this summer. Ebikes have not taken off here yet, but I have many inquire about this sondors. You cannot not have fun on this bike. I put an axiom rack on the back with two pannier side bags for commuting to work (not shown). The bag you see is a modified can cooler I attached for temporary storage. Cheers, Tom
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  4. Had the bike out on the lake a couple of weeks ago, the snow was low enough to mender wherever I needed. Been riding since November, and have never seen another sondors rider on the trails. Tom
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