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  1. Hello there, Sondors ist still not capable of shipping batteries to Europe. However, on my quest searching for a German vendor, I found this company: https://batteryempire.de/146-akkus-fuer-elektrofahrraeder The bottle battery they sell does fit into my 1st Generation IGG Sondors. They also sell via eBay. I've also contacted Luna Cycles. They said that they also do send batteries overseas, but the shipping charges to Europe are quite expensive.
  2. Hello all! OMG I can't believe it's already end of July, so I thought it is time for yet another life sign... @MattRobertson Thanks for your April post. And yes, I assume that I'll not be able to separate the spacer from the free wheel, shall I ever take it apart again. @Marco Well, I know it sound unbelievable, but I still have to finish Phase 2! I'll explain why. However, Phase 3 is planned: I want to install a set of Magura MT5e hydraulic brakes. To make a long story short: Yes, I'm still self-employed and I've been away overseas for over half a year for a HUGE project. I had internet access of course, but it somehow made no sense to spam the forum here with trivia. Anayway, I'm home again, and it is waaaaay to hot to think straight right now. I hate that hot weather! As soon as it gets a bit colder, I plan to continue to work on my bike. I missed you all, guys!
  3. As far as I now, the Sondors brake levers open the brake circuit (which is closed by default), so you'll need an HIGO Opener... but... ... since I am not sure about that, it would be nice if someone could confirm this.
  4. Hey man! Nope, seating the tire beads went flawlessly. The only issue I had was that they seemed to not sit propperly in the rims, but after inflating the wheels to the appropriate amount of pressure, the beads alligned propperly. Yeah it was about time to make riding more comfortable. I hope I'll find some time to put the new stuff to my bike, but I have a shitload of work to do (all hail self-employment) and not much sparevtime lately. I've also thought about replacing the quick-release clamp with a fixed one. I will probably never need to detach the seatpost after I got it adjusted propperly. So > thanks for the useful links!
  5. Daaamn, my absence has been waaay too long! I've been riding my legalized Sondors for the last weeks (gee my butt hurts) and I have decided that it is time for PHASE 2 of my Sondors Modification Project. Since I am a quite heavy rider, I want to install a seatpost suspension and a more comfortable saddle. I've done some research and I got the following parts to install: Wide leather Saddle Seatpost suspension (appropriate for my weight) Seatpost Cane Creek adapter (27.2 auf 28.6mm) Seatpost Lock
  6. Welcome to the Sondors Hive! You may be interested in this thread here. It's a 750W project, but this might get you inspired.
  7. Welcome to the sondors Hive!
  8. 3D-vice


    Welcome to the Sondors Hive!
  9. @Wolfram Welcome to the Sondors Hive, fellow countryman! I've been near Stuttgart lately too, because the bike shop where I got my wheels laced is located in that vicinity.
  10. OMG sorry for the late reply. I've been out of country. Here is my thread containing the mods I did. I've not been successful in finding how to reduce the wattage of the motor via LCD code, sorry.
  11. The stats of the motor are printed on the casing. It should read like this: "RM G060.250.DC" (< 250W model). A 350W model would read "RM G060.350.DC".
  12. Awesome. If I remember correctly, this was the first eclipse visible in the US since 1918...
  13. Cool thing! I've seen the eclipse on TV.
  14. Another thing I just ordered is a pair of theses foldable locks: Though I tend to NOT leave my beloved bike parked in public places in my home town... too many thieves out there.
  15. Hello Sondors-Hive! Sorry for the longs absence, I had some busy weeks (all hail self-employment) and not much time to do private stuff. Well, I got my latest work project finished, the bill is paid and I finally have some relaxing days ahead of me. So I took the opportunity to work on my 100%-Legality Project and did some finishing touches of Stage 1. Just to remind, Stage 1 was to make the bike 100% legal for Germany. The upcoming Stage 2 will be the implementation of a handlebar stem riser and a more comfortable seat with suspension. Stage 3 will be the implementation of a new brake system, and I think I gonna go with a Magura system. In conclusion, Stage 1 is cleared: New tires and super-wide rims incl. DTSwiss spokes > Check! New 250W Bafang rear hub motor > Check! New high-quality front hub with quick-release axis > Check! New high-quality single-speed freewheel and spacer > Check! New 203mm disc brakes and adjusted brakes > Check! Controller programming adjusted to meet EU regulations and German law > Check! Front and rear lights and reflectors licensed for German road traffic regulations > Check! Wing-Lights nice-to-have addon > Check! Alrighty, enough technobabble... here are some photos. Just to mention: Since the weather is quite crappy and it rains all day, I had to take the pics in my ughly garage. And I had to use a flashlight... apparently, as you can see on the reflectors reflections, lol. I hope that we will have some sunny days ahead for some more beautiful shots.
  16. Did you order an European version with 250W motor, or the original 350W vesion? Just curious...
  17. I really like those "bike in front of a beautiful scenery" shots.
  18. I finally got the new wheels installed. It was one hell of a task, because the axis of the new motor was about 10mm wider than the original one, so I had a hard time to widen the rear dropout to fit it in. Well, I got it installed, with some help of my dad. Also, the new 250W motor works flawlessly and I don't feel any difference to the old 350W motor in regard to torque or speed. Pictures comming soon!
  19. I think you are the first one here on the forum with a 1500W motor, so chances might be bad to get appropriate information.
  20. So I finally got the freewheel spacer. As you can see, in the original build, the distance of the single speed freewheel to the motor casing (B1) is about 7-8 mm and the distance to the rear dropout (A1) is about 5 mm, aligning the freewheel in a straight line to the front chainring. As you can see in the closeup picture in my above post from June 25, the new freewheel was way to close to the motor casing and way to far away from the rear dropout, resulting in a misalignment. The new freewheel spacer did a good job here: It moved the freewheel away from the motor casing (B2) and positioned it at a similar distance to the rear dropout (A2) as in the original build. As soon as I get that other spacer with the wrench flats, I will exchange this one, because (like @MattRobertson said) I'd have 'fun times' trying to remove the actual spacer (if I ever need to remove it again). Next up would be the installation of the new wheels into the frame. I hope that I'll not encounter any more problems, because when installing the original front wheel in the process of unboxing the original bike, I realized that the front wheel had a slight misalignment, although everything was seated correctly in the front dropout. Back then, I feared that the front fork would have been bent somehow, so I had angled the front rim by turning the spokes a bit. Just a jury rig hot fix though...
  21. Ah, good to read that they sell versions for Europe.
  22. As a famous quote by Homer Simpson says: DOH! Hey man, you got a valid point there! I realized the lack of wrench flats or similar removal tool attachment points on the Luna spacer, but I ordered it anyway due to not having other alternatives at that point (or me being to stupid to propperly earch the interweb, hehehe). Thanks for the link! I think I'll get this one, too, then I can compare both and give you guys some feedback. @Tabletteer That is indeed a good question concerning the motor spindle. Since the hull design of the 250W and the 350W motor differ, it would be interesting to know if there are futher design differences between those and the 750W motor casing.
  23. ... aaand on we go: Tires mounted on rims, 203mm brake discs installed. Have a look: While checking the original rear freewheel on the Sondors, I recognized that the original single speed freewheel is much closer to the rear dropout than the new one installed on the new hub motor. While comparing the two hub motors with each other, I learend that the new hub motor had a slightly different hull- and axle-design than the original on, causing the new single speed freewheel to sit much closer to the hub motor body than the original one. I realized that this might be a problem when using my new 100mm wide rims, because the chain might rub against the tire and it might not run in a straight line from the front chainring to the rear sprocket. I did some Googleing and learned that there are spacers available for those threaded single speed freewheels. After half an hour of not finding any manufacturer of those spacers, I stumbled over good old LunaCycle and - tadaaah - they sell them. Have a look: So... waiting for delivery... (initiate elevator music)
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