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  1. Understood. Thank you for clarification. By the way - why do you "say" that Thin is not attractive for future upgrades? It has this nice triangle box so one could use it to advantage. There are many ebikes with in-frame mounted batteries and I wonder/worry how hard such a battery is to be found off-the-shelf in the future (not only Sondors bikes/batteries, but in general any ebike with in-frame battery). Any idea? Thanks.
  2. Hi Reddy, that is a simple and good idea - the tape... Many thanks for the suggestion. In addition one could probably try to stick the control buttons between the handle and the break lever. All the best.
  3. Hello Reddy Kilowatt, I just experienced the fact that the mounting bracket for the LCD is very fragile, indeed. It gave up on me when I installed new handlebar and mounted the LCD in a hot day. I did not over-tighten the screws (or so did I think) as the LCD was still rotating by hand around the handlebar... but... in the morning the following day I found that both sides just snapped where the screws were. Even worse, same thing happened with the buttons, ugh! I came across the same bracket you linked and wonder if you used it and is it any good (i.e. does it not rotate freely or shake too much when it is secured with the rubber bands?). Do you know if it is possible to find somewhere the buttons with their housing (or just the housing)? Or any DIY ideas that maybe you came across for fixing it? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know whether the fact that Thin is nowhere to be found on Sondors' web site is a temporary thing or does it mean it is discontinued or... ?
  5. Bar123


  6. Thank you @3D-vice - this will keep me busy for the next few days :-)
  7. Many, many thanks for the details. If you were to select it one - the front or the rear, which one would you convert first? Thanks, B.
  8. Yey..... Installed Sondors LCD today. What a great experience riding with it. How do I enter the setup mode? Thanks, B.
  9. Hi Julius, were the cables, etc. long enough to reach the handles on the handlebar? Does your last sentence mean that switching gears is not as straight forward as on regular bike and the chain can fall off or something else? Many thanks, B.
  10. Ok, I decided to go ahead with Sondors LCD for now. Should get me going keeping the best range with stock battery and would not require me not to press the throttle all the way, etc. What is next - buy second Sondors Thin for my wife. At that point I should already know whether I like or dislike my setup and then can decide what to do. :-) All right, one step forward...
  11. I found something interesting... for those wondering about torque, range, etc. to get an idea - http://www.ebikes.ca/tools/simulator.html
  12. Ugh... too many questions from me :-). One more... I see in the instructions for the LCD this setting: C5 = 10 (Controller Maximum Current Adjustment Mode, 00 - 10). Do I interpret it right that this could be used to limit the current supplied from controller to the motor? And... If it does limit the current then would that be only the max or nominal, too (from.description it looks like max only). Thanks a lot in advance.
  13. @alienmeatsack, is the battery compartment (the triangular Sondors box where the controller is + the battery) the same size between thin and fatty? If so I guess one could flip thin from triangular to bottle, right?
  14. Does anyone know what the highest rated 36V battery was/is being sold with Sondors bikes purchased from Sondors? The standard triangular battery is 36V 8.7Ah or so (not at home, cannot verify right now). Someone that is selling the thin claims they upgraded battery at the time of purchase (customized). I noticed on gosondors there is some upgrade for fatty, but I don't see anything for Thin. Is it possible Thin came with some upgraded battery? Thanks
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