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  1. @3D-vice @MattRobertson Yes, everything is now working again perfectly Also ordered the hydraulic brakes from lunacycles and will change brakes again as soon as they arrive
  2. Update for anyone who runs into this problem: These are the same brakes that are used on the sondors bike: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01NGYRMYE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. oja hatte nicht bedacht dass du ein fat hast. das ist wohl ein klein wenig auffälliger.^^
  4. @3D-vice thanks. No, the control sensor is still ok. I just need a new brake handle (or what do you call that part?^^)
  5. hi, i just crashed my sondos thin. the crash broke one of my brakes: see picture. and now i need a replacement. most links to brakes here are to american shops. can somebody send me some links to brakes from european shops, because i don´t want to wait so long for the new ones. which specs do the brakes need to have that they would work for the sondors thin? ps. this post is all in lower case, because it hurts if i move my left arm
  6. ich habe mich auch sehr geärgert als ich das schreiben bekommen habe; aber yolo... merkt doch sowieso keiner werde da jetzt sicher nicht hunderte Euro ausgeben damit ich legal rumfahren kann und es sowieso keinen Unterschied macht.
  7. @Tabletteer it does not come from the rust for sure, because the bike makes the sounds since the day I got it But I will see test if your method of testing where the noise comes from works
  8. I think I just have to live with the sound and hope the sound won´t get worse ... I don´t want to risk breaking even more by trying to fix it.... I mean I don´t have a clue what is actually causing the noise or which parts need to be replaced... I even tried to contact sondors directly, but they don´t reply to my E-Mail and have deleted my Question from their supportpage...
  9. @alienmeatsack @3D-vice I just took the bike to two different bike shops. They both weren´t sure what is causing the sound and they both said that they can´t help me Damn...
  10. Hey kann mir jemand sagen, was für ein Tretlager ich für das sondors bike brauche? Leider scheint das bei mir von Anfang an kaputt gewesen zu sein (amazonlink wäre toll )
  11. Can somebody tell me what kind of buttom bracket bearings I need for this bike? An Amazonlink would be nice. I suspect that was the problem in the first place^^
  12. @alienmeatsack Damn! I cheered to early. The sound seemed to be gone, because it didn´t make that sound when I turned the pedal with my hand. But when I actually drove the bike yesterday evening there was an even weirder sound, coming from that area. I have a Question about these two wheels at the back of the belt. Do these wheels have to touch the belt or shouldn´t they or is it all the same. Picture of the wheels I mean:
  13. Ok, your suggestions seemed to have fixed the problem The belt was too tight for sure. Here is a update video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwFB7Ae6cl9EYW9LZG5WVy1jZ3c/view?usp=sharing So, thanks so much, @alienmeatsack for taking the time helping me with this <3
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