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  1. Alex Nevarez

    Stolen Sondors X 7 silver/silver

    Horrible to hear that, if interested Im in San Francisco and selling one with front suspension, silver X 7speeds, let me know.
  2. Alex Nevarez

    Meetup In San Francisco

    problem is that the lunacycle one needs to be soldered or split all the cables ./... find the original one at Facebook swap and sell better .
  3. Alex Nevarez

    Meetup In San Francisco

    throttle is broken ($50 repair )
  4. Alex Nevarez

    Meetup In San Francisco

    I think you should try with a different controller , easiest way to troubleshoot, I have a stock one you can borrow and test, if it was the throttle, wouldn't work at all.
  5. Alex Nevarez

    Sondors LCD Display $60

    Hello, Im interested in the display, im in San francisco
  6. Alex Nevarez

    Meetup In San Francisco

    Hello!, Im new to this forum!!, Im in San francisco and own two thin belt and chain....do you have a display installed ? have you checked the crank sensor? something similar happened to my fattie once and was the sensor was out of place.

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