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  1. Craig, please take a picture of your display and the label on the box. The passwords I gave you are the only ones I am aware of. did you add a lock password on this display? 1665 should work with the upgrade displays.
  2. Hi Craig , I am the reviewer and no, I am not a paid representative of the company😀 if you have the upgrade bundle LCD and 25a controller, the code is 1665. If if you have the XS bike (Fold or Fat), the code is 1515. Hope this helps
  3. Probably. I have hit 35mph on this road before. One of these days, I may have to do this on a race track where o can do it in both directions.
  4. Speed test SONDORS 750WATTS, L3 52V, 35a https://youtu.be/Irv4Qe2Ilqo
  5. Senegal, did you see the two different types of displays being offered on the SONDORS website? Do you have an email exchange with SONDORS? I can try to get them to exchange the display for the right model, Please send me a private message with your your name and email address and I will send your information to them so they can contact you. https://sondors.com/search?type=product&q=Display
  6. Booster, glad you like this bike. Most of my bikes have been upgraded with AVID BB7 mechanical brakes. I have been thinking about upgrading to hydraulic brakes. The AVID brakes work so well, I juts have not had the need. Hopefully soon.
  7. Technically you can make this package work with a single speed but o don’t recommend it. The 60V battery requires a 35a controller which requires a 750watts motor. The 750 watts motor can be set up with a single speed rear gear but that will defeat the purpose of this upgrade. You really need to consider the 7 speeds and the front crank upgrade since you will be spinning out on 40T front crank and 16T rear freewheel.
  8. Matt, I am trying to find more 12 Magnet sensors for future projects. Did you ever find any that has the right plug for the KT controllers? The Titanium frame will make for a great project. Would love to see how the mid drive and front drive motors workout.
  9. I used this bike to test the new GoPro 6 on Cherry Creek Bike Trail here in Denver. The SONDORS 27.5 Plus handled the curves very well. This is one of my favorite rides.
  10. Like I said, Matt writes better than I take pictures:) As for me, I went with a 25a controller for the front motor to avoid some of scenarios Matt has mentioned. It also allows me to stretch a 48V 14ah battery to last as long as the rear 52V 20ah battery that's paired with a 35a controller. Both controllers are set up to run at C5=6 which stil yield a 32-34 mph top speed with plenty of torque for climbing and accerelation. Also the 25a front controller allows me to use the throttle with less of Matt's wild experiences..
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